Shaping CSS

In someway or another we are exposed to CSS on a daily basis. Either by tinkering with some code, reading a technical blog post or just viewing the source files of a site.

Over the years CSS has really evolved and I thought it might be a good time to stop and take a look at some of the key players in our industry. The ones that are helping shape the direction.

The below list is in alphabetical order


Ana Tudor

One look and Ana’s CodePen profile will give you a quick understanding that she is currently taking CSS to a mind-boggling level. She is one of the most talented, experimental and creative persons in our industry.


Chris Eppstein

Chris is the creator of Compass, a stylesheet authoring framework and is on the core team of Sass. During the last few years both of these resources have become a major part in the way we author CSS.


Chris Coyier

Chris has been blogging about all things front-end for the last 10+ years. His posts help thousands of people each day. He also runs a podcast about front-end development and recently started CodePen which is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor in the browser.


Eric Meyer

Eric has been involved with the web since late 1993. Since then he has been a major part of CSS. He created Reset CSS and has also written countless books and articles on CSS. Some people refer to him as the “God of CSS”.


Paul Irish

Just check out Paul’s about page to see how influential he has been. Over the years Paul has blogged about the little quirks and gotcha in various browsers. These days he seems to be focusing on the authoring and optimisation side of things.


Peter Gasston

Peter is veteran front-end developer. He has spoken at countless events, blogged about CSS for years and has written a complete book about CSS3.


Tab Atkins

When not blogging about the intricacies of CSS, Tab can be found deciphering CSS specs or contributing to them.


Lea Verou

Over the last few years Lea Verou has developed 18! tools to help us. The CSS3 Test, Dabblet, CSS3 patterns gallery and -prefix-free are just a couple that come to mind. She also helps develop CSS for the CSS Working Group.


Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan is a long time web veteran, creator of OOCSS, CSS lint and CSS Conf. She is passionate about all things CSS and is generally ahead of the game.


Harry Roberts

Harry’s knack for putting his thoughts about CSS into a digestible article really is exceptional. His blog has become the home of some outstanding content. He also maintains inuit.css which is a powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework.


Thierry Koblentz

Thierry is a front-end engineer at Yahoo where his core focus is on CSS. He lives and breaths CSS all day. Over the years he has produced some great articles about how we should approach CSS in large organisations.


Roman Komarov

Roman is the author of HayakuBundle, a maintainer of Stylus and contributes to a crazy amount of Open Source CSS stuff.


Sam Richard

Sam is mad about Sass. He is the co-maintainer of Sassy Math, Singularity and more. He also dedicates copious amounts of time giving back to the community. Either by doing workshops or speaking gigs.


Scott Kelum

Scott’s interests revolve around areas where design and development meet. During the last few years he has actioned some of his thoughts and worked on numerous Compass plugins like Modular Scale, Singularity, Color Schemer and Toolkit to help solve some of the design problems in code.



A bit of a quiet achiever in the CSS world. Simurai tinkers a lot and tends to take CSS into uncharted territories.


Nicolas Gallagher

Nicholas’s major project is normalize.css which helps make browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. His blog has an amazing array of articles dedicated to CSS and his Open Source projects are worth keeping an eye on.


Mark Otto

The creator of Bootstrap which is without doubt one of the most used front-end frameworks to date. He is constantly investigating ways to improve CSS and Open Sources everything to make our life easier.


Estelle Weyl

Estelle has written various books about front-end development and one of them focuses on CSS3. She also speaks and blogs about CSS on a regularly basis.


Yelena Jetpyspayeva

A major contributor and advocate for BEM which has become a huge talking point (for a good reason) in the last couple of years. The work Yelena and the team at Yandex are doing is exceptional.

By no means is the above a definitive list. It’s just a few people which in my eyes have helped shape CSS in someway or another.

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  1. You seem to have missed a true ‘God’ of CSS….Eric Meyer. While he’s currently in the midst of a major family crisis he is still very much involved in the world of CSS.

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