Recent Post Shortcode

WordPress shortcodes are a simple way to set up functions to create macro codes for use in post content. For instance, the following shortcode (in the post/page content) would add your recent posts into the page: It’s pretty simple and brings your WordPress blog alive with ease. Recent Post Short Code In WordPress 1 Add … Read more

Linking to an Image Folder Within a WordPress Theme

During WordPress theme development you will more then likely need to display some images that are located within your theme directory. The location of the images folder can vary greatly. It really comes down to how you like to set things up. Generally speaking if you were to have an images folder in the root … Read more

Load a Different Header in WordPress

This little snippet can come in handy when you need to serve a different header on a per page basis. All you need to do is create a new header file – header-yourfilename.php and then put in some logic in your desired template file. In my case I have a header file called header-home.php and … Read more

RICG-Responsive-Images Plugin

For the last few months, several members of the Wordpress core team, Mat Marquis of the RICG, and I have been hard at work building a Wordpress plugin. While this may not initially sound like very exciting news, the purpose of the plugin is to bring responsive images to the Wordpress platform, with absolutely no effort needed by the user.

Style Your WordPress Login

A few weeks ago, I read a neat little post over at WPCandy about tweaking the WordPress login page. That post gave me a lot of inspiration and ever since redesigning WDW, it was on my to-do list. Today, I finally got around to styling it up.

One thing I discovered is that there is no need to add any plugins or to modify any core WordPress files. Adding a plugin for a simple task seemed a bit of an overkill and modifying the core files is never a good idea, especially when you update your instance of WordPress you have to re-do all your login styles again.

So if you want to go plugin free and give your login screen a little character you might enjoy this post.