Install Google Fonts

A quick introduction into using any Google font within your website.

The screencast looks at how you go about selecting fonts on Adding them to your website and then using them inside your stylesheet.

Running time: 1:36

22 thoughts on “Install Google Fonts”

  1. Hey Jake, Thank you for sharing this tutorial on Google Fonts. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget little things like this. I tend to use a WordPress plugin these days but this is awesome. Thanks again.

  2. Jake, That was a great video tutorial on Google Fonts. I have several sites and we tend to steer towards using WordPress Plugins as well. Your a role model for sharing such good info.

  3. There are a wide variety of Google Fonts that you can download for Free. These Fonts not only make your site look more beautiful but also enhance the speed and performance of your web page. Great article. Thanks for sharing the video!

  4. These tips are awesome! Putting a google font into your website never crossed my mind. And after watching the video, it makes me want to apply this once I get to make a website again. It looks so cool and awesome, thank you so much for sharing these interesting tips!

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