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Late last week, an article I wrote was published on the awesome Smashing Magazine site – Preparing For A Front-End Job Interview. The article explores ways to help you prepare for job interviews and gives some good tips to help you land your ‘dream job’. Ever since writing it, I thought some people would also be interested in finding out where the best places to look for web design jobs are. At present, there are lots of popular sites that have job boards, but there is definitely a select bunch which attract the ‘good’ jobs.

Each of the job boards I have listed below tend to have a knack for attracting great companies to advertise and also offer various ways to stay up to date (RSS, Email, iPhone apps, etc).

GitHub Job Board

Lots of awesome developer jobs are posted daily and the team at GitHub offer various options to stay updated so you will always be in the loop. They even have an API if thats more your style.

Careers 2.0 by StackOverflow

The Careers 2.0 site works in conjunction with Stack Overflow. You create a profile highlighting your work on Stack Overflow, which gives employers an in-depth look at your expertise. Stack Overflow is a highly regarded service which gives the Careers 2.0 site great credibility and attracts some really great jobs.

Jobs for Designers – Dribbble

The focus on the Dribbble job board is mainly designers but you can also find the odd developer job. It’s super simple and attracts some of the top companies that care about design. If you are designer I would highly recommend subscribing to their RSS feed.

Smashing Jobs – Smashing Magazine

Smashing Jobs attracts great companies which offer some fantastic working opportunities. Companies such as Amazon, Atlassian, Lonely Planet, Garmin, Rockstar Games, Mercedes, MTV and loads more.

They also offer a super handy RSS feed of all the jobs posted which is worth subscribing to if you are on the job hunt.

37 Signals Job Board

Without doubt this is the grandfather of job boards. Since the beginning of time (2006) they have been attracting industry leaders including Apple, The New York Times, Facebook, and American Express to post jobs. Definitely worth keeping an eye on this one!

Job listings are divided up into simple categories (Design, Programming, Business/Exec, Miscellaneous, Copywriter, iPhone Developer and Customer Service/Support) and they also offer a RSS feed of all jobs and an active twitter account (@37Jobs) to follow.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is where companies and creative professionals meet to make a better web. Lots of great companies use this service on a regular basis. Big and small.

Also they have a handy iPhone app, a RSS feed and a great twitter account (@authenticjobs) which tweets every job posted.


BreadApp is a collaboration between Keir Whitaker and Kieran Masterton. I’m not 100% sure if it’s still in active development but is a very handy service. BreadApp brings together the latest data from leading and niche web job boards and can notify you by email.

Linkedin Jobs

Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is huge and a major player in the employment industry. Big companies invest a lot in finding great talent and they seem to invest heavily in posting jobs on LinkedIn. The job board provides an email alert feature (more LinkedIn emails!!) and the jobs listed are specifically target to your profile because they scrap your profile data like there is no tomorrow.

Happy job hunting!

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  1. This is a great resource for accomplished members in the industry, but for people looking to gain experience or take that next step in their career’s then the usual recruitment sites such as Monster and JobSite seem to be thrieving with oppertunity at the moment.

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