Deploy Sites via GitHub

January 23, 2013 - Jake Bresnehan

Super simple way to develop locally and then deploy sites via GitHub.

This screencast was inspired by Mark Otto’s great post about this workflow. Implementing this workflow takes next to no time, is very easy to upkeep and is also secure for your files thanks to GitHub.

{{< youtube v9MKkQNhGX8 >}}

Running time: 9:14

Commands to Clone and Maintain

Once you have committed your code to GitHub you can follow these steps to quickly deploy.

$ ssh

Once connected, navigate to your domain and clone the repository in the desired location.

$ git clone [REPO_URL]

Once you have completed the above, all future updates just need to be done like so:

$ ssh

Once connected, navigate to your repository (make sure you are inside the repository!).

$ git pull origin master

Reload your live site.

Note: You might have to install Git on your server.

Happy deploying!

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