Introducing Little Island

From the beginning of my web development career around 9 years ago I have always been fascinated by the fact that with a laptop anywhere in the world we can create and sell products online.

During my early development years the thought of creating products drove my passion to learn, read and experiment.

So after many months of procrastinating, designing and developing I’m happy to launch the beginning of Little Island.

Why didn’t I go for something more cutting edge?

I have always had a little soft spot for the WordPress platform and the community. The latter really cemented why I thought it would be a good area to focus on. If the people around the technology are genuine then I’m more likely to enjoy developing within the ecosystem for many years to come.

The WordPress theme market is a proven market. Some would argue it is flooded. I half agree. The other half of me thinks lots of themes and sites lack soul and a personal feel. This is where Little Island aims to sit.

Who is behind Little Island?

I have teamed up with a close friend and super talented director (nope that is not a typo), Phil Sage.

Over the years I have worked with an extraordinary amount of designers but I feel Phil is a little different. Phil has been designing for years but come to the web from a different angle. This is why I am super excited. Phil’s ideas, thoughts and designs really seem to be next level. He is not your conventional designer. His background of directing, focusing on the storytelling angle really has helped shape the direction of Little Island and I couldn’t be more excited to be teamed up with him. He also seems pretty psyched. So much so I have 4 themes designed, ready to be built.

Working and collaborating with someone else, you end up with something better than you would be able to come up with just by yourself.

Final thoughts

Another big driving force for me was getting back to the simple things. Being able to take my time and craft a beautiful products.

For me the analogy of making surfboards aligns very closely to how I am approaching the development of themes for Little Island.

I’m just a dude hanging out in a shed hand shaping surfboards for people. Each board has countless amounts of passion and soul invested in it. I take my time to make an awesome board. I’m extremely happy with the end result and I only have myself to blame. At the end of the day, if someone that rides my board is stoked. I’m stoked.

During the last 9 years I have worked on all sorts of crazy projects – large corporate banking systems, extremely high trafficked media sites, large rebrands, property investments platforms, the most convoluted codebases known to mankind, one billion stakeholders…

I’m just keen to get back to building simple websites that look and are made beautifully.

So without further ado, please go and check out Little Island. I hope you like what you see. And remember it is only the beginning.