Get URL with JavaScript

At some point in time you need to get the current URL and do some logic based on it. JavaScript has handy API called window.location which has all the information related to the windows current location. Running console.log(window.location); in the console or your JavaScript file will return the following Location object: Having a reference to … Read more

Scroll to position with jQuery

If you need to scroll to a specific location on the page this little custom jQuery function can help you out. This snippet will help you scroll to a particular section based on the element you choose. Add this little snippet inside your scripts file. Add this (also in your scripts file) and modify it … Read more

Converts pixels to EMs with Sass

If you like using pixel values but understand that having your fonts set in EMs works better, especially when tackling responsive web design then this little Sass function will become super handy. This function automatically converts pixels to EMs with Sass so that you don’t have to manually calculate them. The function takes two arguments, … Read more