Web Design Weekly #98


Full Stack Coding in The Chrome Dev Tools!

If you use the Chrome Dev Tools then this is a must watch. Over the last couple of years Remy Sharp has shared his workflow. Every screencast he shares always has some great tips, but this one is slightly mind blowing! (remysharp.com)

Looking Into the Future of Sass

Nathan Weizenbaum and Chris Eppstein are working extreamly hard on version 3.3 of Sass. There is no offical date on when this will drop, but it should be very soon… This post by Hugo Giraudel covers some of the rad new features. (davidwalsh.name)

Designing a Companion Web Experience (lukew.com)

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Why mobile web apps are slow

A big cup of coffee and a deep breath for this one. (sealedabstract.com)

A Gov Supreme

Are you passionate about responsive design but just can’t manage to get your workplace to commit? This post by Jeremy Keith might be worth forwarding to your boss… Wise words as always. (adactio.com)

Cloud.typography vs. Typekit

A solid look at both services by Chris Bowler. He covers indepth look at price, variety, ease of use, font quality and more. (chrisbowler.com)

Useful GitHub Patterns

If you use GitHub and are looking at ways to improve your workflow or are just interested in hearing how others work this is your go-to piece. (blog.quickpeople.co.uk)

Developers and designers: An arranged marriage. (blog.appsignal.com)

Understanding Sass lists (hugogiraudel.com)

Tools / Resources

Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013

As the complexity and functionality of web applications has grown, so has Chrome DevTools. This post by Arthur Evans & Tim Statler gets you back up to speed highlighting all the awesome features. (html5rocks.com)

Choosing an Open Source License

Choosing an open source license can be confusing. So the GitHub team created “Choose a License” to help you make that decision. (choosealicense.com)

Introducing ESLint

ESLint is a JavaScript linting tool built on top of Esprima. The goal of the project is to create a linting tool where all rules are pluggable. This is achieved by having one rule per file and allowing each rules to inspect the AST at the points it wants. (nczonline.net)

How to Customise your WordPress Theme with a Child Theme

If you are into WordPress development or thinking about it, this easily digestable post by Japh Thomson will make sure you are doing things right when customising your next theme. (wp.tutsplus.com)

Building Apps With the Yeoman Workflow

Quite an epic article by Stephen Sawchuk. He starts off with the basics but quickly jumps into getting some Backbone shenanigans. (net.tutsplus.com)

25 Shopify design/theme tutorials by Keir Whitaker (youtube.com)

A Brainstorming Checklist for Creative Work (teehanlax.com)

Long Shadows Generator (juan-i.com)


The Big Web Show with Lea Verou (5by5.tv)

Designing the Human Interface (kpcb.com)

Designing Facebook Home (vimeo.com)


Support Wizard at Okay Themes

We’re looking to add a part-time WordPress theme support wizard to our team. You’ll be responsible for supporting eclectic, standards-conscious, WordPress themes and plugins. You must be well versed in WordPress (both admin area and code), proficient in HTML and CSS, and have a personable, helpful attitude with customers. (okaythemes.com)

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Last But Not Least…

E.L.I.Z.A. Talking is a project to explore speech I/O in modern browsers (masswerk.at)