Web Design Weekly #96


Google Glass Browser

Google Glass has included a web browser. That means a new device factor for web development and Responsive Web Design. At present it supports HTML5 video, Canvas, SVG, motion API (head movement!) but no Storage, Camera or Geo APIs yet. (mobilexweb.com)

Progressive enhancement is still important

Make time for this one! A great rant by Jake Archibald about progressive enhancement. (jakearchibald.com)

Hot in web standards – May/June 2013 (netmagazine.com)

Opera 15 is ready for download (opera.com)

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Refactoring GitHub’s Design

Such an epic post! Ian Storm Taylor dives into details about GitHub’s newest redesign. So many great ideas and details about how they nailed the visual refactoring. (ianstormtaylor.com)

How to Scale and Maintain Legacy CSS with Sass and SMACSS

A really cool insight into how the team at Envato use Sass, SMACSS and BEM to make the legacy CSS for the Envato marketplaces (including ThemeForest) scalable and maintainable. (webuild.envato.com)

CSS filters, GIFs, and performance

Great post by Glen Maddern. He explains his findings about CSS Filters and Fullscreen GIFs in a very informative and entertaining manner. (medium.com)

Say Yes to JavaScript

JavaScript is quickly becoming a huge part of modern web applications. We as developers should be happy that browsers go our way and make our life easier. (lucumr.pocoo.org)

Five reasons why you should quote attribute values in HTML5 (webdirections.org)

Mastering CSS Layout with Flexbox (sketchingwithcss.com)

Internet Explorer 11: “Don’t call me IE” (nczonline.net)

Tools / Resources

Hoefler & Frere-Jones Web Fonts

The world’s most sophisticated type libraries now in the cloud for use to enjoy. Over the last few years the web type space has gathered a lot of momentum which is super exciting. Seeing Hoefler & Frere-Jones come to the party is awesome. In my eyes it’s a win for the web! (typography.com)

Grumpicon Workflow

The number of devices with high resolution screens is rising and with it the need for a simple way to deliver crisp, resolution-independent graphics that don’t waste bandwidth. This in-depth post from the Filament Group walks through everything you need to know to make the switch to vector with Grumpicon. (filamentgroup.com)

Building a Web App From Scratch in AngularJS

If you haven’t jumped into the AngularJS world yet this tutorial should you give some inspiration to change that! (net.tutsplus.com)

Native Form Elements

A nice simple site that showcases what every HTML5 form element looks like on your current operating system and browser. (nativeformelements.com)

Front-End Process

Matt Bailey has written up a 4 part series looking at how to set up an automated front-end build workflow using tools such as Yeoman and Grunt. Lots of handy tips, especially part 3 which focuses on Grunt. (gpmd.co.uk)

Enough with the JavaScript already! (slideshare.net)

A collection of Page Transitions (tympanus.net)

Sublime Text 3 Public Beta (sublimetext.com)


Making a 60fps Mobile App

Paul Lewis tackles one of the challenging aspects of being a Developer Relation. Actually building things rather than talking or writting about them. Some very solid points in this article with some great takeaways. (aerotwist.com)

Day in the life with Ryan Sims, designer at Rdio (designerfund.com)

Happy Monday Podcast with Aaron Draplin (happymondaypodcast.com)

Why I left upper management to code again (medium.com)


PHP/Web Developer

We’re looking for a web developer to join our growing team! As a developer at Adfero, you’ll work alongside our team of developers, designers and communicators, and use great technologies like Drupal, D3 and Node.js to build awesome projects for our clients. (adfero.com)

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Last But Not Least…


This one is still in development. Originally an idea by Paul Irish and logged in the ‘Lazy Web Requests’ repository on GitHub. Over the last few days lots of talented devs have jumped onboard to make it a reality. (github.com)

Depending on jQuery – Alex Sexton (youtube.com)