Web Design Weekly #95


Our web development workflow is completely broken

Kenneth Auchenberg looks at browser web developer tools, and how they are used together with our editors in a typical development workflow. He argues that it’s evident that our web development workflow is completely broken and looks at ways it could be improved. (kenneth.io)

JavaScript and iOS 7

Everyone is focused on the design of iOS7, but Dion Almaer is really excited about the new bridge between the worlds of JavaScript and the runtime of iOS and OS X. (medium.com)

20+ WP Themes and Responsive Templates

In this bundle you’ll get 18 WordPress themes targeted towards business and portfolio sites, 4 eCommerce themes and 32 high-quality HTML5 responsive templates for non-WordPress sites. See the themes in action. (mightydeals.com)


Making Sass talk to JavaScript with JSON

A very interesting and unconventional approach to solving the responsive image problem. (css-tricks.com)

SVG Workflow for Designers

Dan Mall has been doing a lot of SVG work due to the amount of resposive web design projects of late. This is his workflow with some great tips. (danielmall.com)

Better Responsive Images Using Multiple Backgrounds

Another responsive image solution, this one using the CSS3 multiple background property. (css-tricks.com)

Building Apps For Firefox OS, Chrome OS And The Web (thenittygritty.co)

Mobile Web Problems and How to Avoid Them (bradfrostweb.com)

Tools / Resources

Introducing Harpoon

Harpoon is a financial planning and tracking tool for freelancers. It helps eliminate the stress and uncertainty of making enough money. How much money do you want to make? Harpoon will help you get there! (harpoonapp.com)

Developing With Sass and Chrome DevTools

In this article Umar Hansa looks at how to integrate Chrome DevTools into your Sass development workflow. (net.tutsplus.com)

Advanced Grunt Tooling

Grunt has made web development more enjoyable. By automating repetitive tasks, it has allowed web developers to focus on building features rather than copying, compiling, and configuring. In this post, Chris Wren shares some advanced tooling with Grunt which will help you use it to its full potential. (chrisawren.com)

Working around a lack of element queries

Scott Jehl looks at how the lack of element queries can be problematic when trying to write components that are modular. Be sure to also read the great discussion happening in the comments. (filamentgroup.com)

Getting Started with Reflow – Video Series (outof.me)

Lots of awesome loaders and spinners (codepen.io)

Mobilism 2013 videos (vimeopro.com)


Behind the scenes of Tumblr’s design process

Great little video. The highlight for me was the shake to submit a ticket to the engineers. I wish I thought of that! (arstechnica.com)

Product Development with Vertically Integrated Scopes

If you manage teams working on products then this video by Ryan Singer is a must watch. He explains the concept of an individual, vertically integrated scope of work. He shows how to think of work in individual pieces and how to assemble those pieces into a greater whole. (vimeo.com)

The Future of the Client-Side Web (youtu.be)

The Big Web Show with Mark Otto (5by5.tv)


PHP/Web Developer

We’re looking for a web developer to join our growing team! As a developer at Adfero, you’ll work alongside our team of developers, designers and communicators, and use great technologies like Drupal, D3 and Node.js to build awesome projects for our clients. (adfero.com)

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Last But Not Least…

The ultimate list of bookmarks for Frontend Developers (github.com)