Web Design Weekly #94


Grumpicon – A web app for easy SVG development

Just drag and drop your SVG files onto the browser window and it will return a downloadable zip that mirrors the output you’d get from the command-line tool. (grumpicon.com)

Web Tableaus

The past week has provided a few notable redesigns of popular web services, including Squarespace and MailChimp. It’s interesting to note the visual similarities in how they have chosen to present themselves: photographed tableaus with props around laptops, tablets, and phones. (frankchimero.com)

Bugfixes as Therapy(zachholman.com)

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Speaker Notes

If you are a speaker or keen to take the next step in your career and try your luck, Rebecca Murphy has compiled an amazing helpful article which will help you smash the audience out of the park when you are on stage. (ladiesintech.com)

Ughck. Images.

Dave Rupert talks about all the progress that has been made towards responsive image solutions. (daverupert.com)

Jank Busting The New Flickr Home Page

Great write-up on jank busting, parallax and performance from the talented Flickr engineering team. (code.flickr.net)

Functions.php vs Plugin, Who Wins?

When adding custom functionality into a WordPress project, the debate between functions.php vs. plugin usage is nothing new. In this article Tom Mcfarlin looks at both sides of the argument and has some very strong points. (tommcfarlin.com)

How does the new Mac Pro site work?

Apple always tends to do some pretty crazy development when they release a new product. This post is an in depth breakdown of the JavaScript behind the new Mac Pro website. (planningforaliens.com)

State of Web Inspector (webkit.org)

AngularJS vs Ember (eviltrout.com)

Tools / Resources

Using Promises in AngularJS Views

One of the lesser known yet more surprisingly powerful features of AngularJS is the way in which it allows promises to be used directly inside views. In this article Mark Dalgleish migrates a typical callback-style service to a promise-based interface. (markdalgleish.com)

Static Web Hosting With Amazon S3

If you are in need of a great article to help you set up simple hosting with Amazon S3, this is it. (chadthompson.me)

Caption Hover Effects

A good tutorial over at Codrops on how to create nice subtle and modern caption hover effects. Some of the effects use some cool 3D transforms. (tympanus.net)

HTML Inspector

A highly-customisable, code quality tool to help you write better markup. It aims to find a balance between the uncompromisingly strict W3C validator and having absolutely no rules at all. (philipwalton.com)

How do I “think in AngularJS” if I have a jQuery background? (stackoverflow.com)

A large selection of free JavaScript books (revolunet.com)

Node Modules to Rule Them All (github.io)


Redesigning with rules

A really solid process used by Jonnie Hallman for redesigning your personal site. He set out with predefined set of rules and goals rather than just free styling it. (destroytoday.com)

This right here, this is the job

Wise words by Wilson Miner. As always, puts things back in to perspective. (the-pastry-box-project.net)

Photoshop, You Damn Liar (vimeo.com)


Senior UI Designer at Campaign Monitor

As part of our small and passionate in-house team you’ll be involved in every step of the design process – all the way from concept through to seeing your feature being used by over 700,000 of your peers. (campaignmonitor.com)

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From The Blog

Psychedelic Grunt Plugins (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Chrome DevTools Tips And Tricks

There are many power tools at your disposal when using the DevTools, some of which are more obvious than others. This guide covers them all. (developers.google.com)

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