Web Design Weekly #93


WDW Survey

I can’t believe I’m already up to issue 93! I hope you are all still enjoying it as much as I do. This week I have decided to run a little survey in order to get to know you better. It would be awesome if you could spare 1 minute to complete it. Happy coding!

Request Quest (jakearchibald.github.io)


Why We Need Responsive Images

Tim Kadlec puts aside the debate about how responsive images should be handled and instead focuses on why it is important. His tests reveal some pretty staggering results on just how much page weight can be reduced with a good responsive image solution. (timkadlec.com)

Atomic Web Design

Brad Frost breaks down the elements that interfaces are comprised of in to five levels – atoms, molecules, organisms, templates and modules – and uses them to provide a clear methodology for crafting design systems. (bradfrostweb.com)

Front-End Ops

One for the front-end developers out there. With more application logic being deferred to the client side, Alex Sexton makes the case that front-end developers should transition to front-end operation engineers; becoming “the bridge between an application’s intent and an application’s reality”. (smashingmagazine.com)

Page Weight Matters

Testing a highly optimised version of YouTube’s video watch yielded some baffling results – higher latency than the regular page. The reason for these results provided a valuable lesson in why page weight really does matter. (blog.chriszacharias.com)

A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study

Rendering performance issues can impact your user experience and user engagement. In this Pinterest case study, learn how to find and fix such issues in your apps so you too can hit 60 frames per second. (smashingmagazine.com)

Facebook’s New React JavaScript Library Tutorial Rewritten in AngularJS (medium.com)

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Tools / Resources

The Secret to Safe Continuous Deployment

This short, excellent talk by Brett Slatkin explains how Google’s Consumer Surveys team does up to 40 deploys in a day. They also heavily rely on perceptual diffs for changes that aren’t caught in their automated testing. (youtube.com)

DPI Love

Lea Verou was on a flight from Canada with no inflight entertainment so she made another awesome resource for all of us to use. DPI Love easily finds the DPI/PPI of any screen. A simple and helpful tool that is worth bookmarking. (dpi.lv)

Roll Your Own Yeoman Generators

Will Vaughn’s epic tale on realising that Yeoman is here to help. If you still haven’t had a tinker with it, hopefully this tips you over the edge. (projectpoppycock.com)

John Dalton explains some clever JavaScript performance tricks (allyoucanleet.com)

Secrets To Your In-browser DevTools (devtoolsecrets.com)

Want to learn Markdown? (learn-markdown.herokuapp.com)


8 months in Microsoft, I learned these

If you work for a big organisation like I do, this should put a little smile on your face. Every point is so accurate it’s not funny! (ahmetalpbalkan.com)

The Workstation of a Designer (angelceballos.com)

The Foursquare Time Machine (foursquare.com)


Big Cartel is looking for a Front-End-Developer

We’re looking for an experienced front-end developer who loves being the glue between designers and back-end developers. Someone with immaculately clean coding skills, an obsession for details and fast load times, and a passion for bringing an idea to life — from comp to browser. (bigcartel.com)

Front-End Developer at Editorially

We’re currently looking for a front-end web developer who specialises in HTML and CSS, loves responsive web design and cares deeply about progressive enhancement and accessibility. (editorially.com)

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Last But Not Least…

Cube Slam

What an awesome game! Built with some hot WebRTC, WebGL and Web Audio. Also be sure to check out the dedicated technology page. (cubeslam.com)

Proposal for a mobile-first generator for Yeoman (github.com)