Web Design Weekly #89


New Layouts for the Multi-Device Web

Designing for today’s Web means considering single-handed thumb use on smartphones, two handed touch interactions on tablets, mouse and keyboard input on traditional PCs, hybrid devices and more. Web layouts have to evolve to support this new reality. (lukew.com)

Jank Busting With Daft Punk

Addy Osmani noticed that the new Daft Punk web experience on Pitchfork felt quite janky. So, as a true developer does, he investigated. (addyosmani.com)

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Paul Irish on Chrome Moving to Blink

Paul Irish shares some of the Chrome team’s plans for the near future now that they will be using their own fork of WebKit as its rendering engine. (alistapart.com)


Why not have a go? Take 10 minutes, half and hour or an hour out of your life right now and use it to #justcode something, anything. Just play with an idea, put it on JSFiddle, Codepen, JSBin, Dabblet or whatever other amazing tool we have right now and share it. (christianheilmann.com)

Stop Building Websites and Start Building Smart Sites

Digital-telepathys mini-manifesto of how websites should evolve out of the analog state and into a smarter medium. (dtelepathy.com)

Why do we feel the need to differentiate between websites and web apps? (adactio.com)

The value of 1000 Androids (stephanierieger.com)

Tools / Resources

Red Pen

Red Pen lets you upload your design, share a short URL and get live annotated feedback super-fast. It remembers you— there’s no logging in, no project management, no bullshit. It’s awesome! (redpen.io)

CSS Modal

The CSS Modal is built out of pure CSS. JavaScript is only for sugar. The modal is designed using responsive web design methods so it works on all screen sizes from a small mobile phone up to high resolution screens. (github.io)

Improving Productivity With The Chrome DevTools

In this video Addy Osmani introduces some great new features, including Workspaces – a convenient way to create and edit new applications and a better Sass editing workflow. (youtube.com)

Guide to Source Maps With CoffeeScript and Uglify.js (tarantsov.com)

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 2.0 (tommcfarlin.com)

A Collection of Page Transitions (tympanus.net)

14 Free City Icons (adamwhitcroft.com)

SCSS Blend Modes (github.com)


Jason Fried

Jason Fried is the co-founder of 37signals. He believes there’s real value and beauty in the basics. Jason co-wrote all of 37signals’ books and also speaks around the world on entrepreneurship, design, management, and software. (thegreatdiscontent.com)

50 Beautiful Mobile UI Design with Amazing User Experience (graphicdesignjunction.com)

Playground Inc (playgroundinc.com)


Wildbit is hiring a designer

We are looking for someone who has the experience and desire to nourish, improve and grow our two products and a few smaller satellite projects. You should be able to do a full cycle, from gathering requirements to prototyping UI to designing and then implementing it with HTML, CSS and JS. (wildbit.com)

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From The Blog

Handy Sass Mixins (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

A full CSS NES on CodePen. (codepen.io)