Web Design Weekly #87


Gallery CSS

A simple, maintainable and understandable gallery without the use of JavaScript. So awesome. Ben Schwarz released the code on Github for free but covers all the details in a 40 minute screencast for a small fee which I would highly recommend. (benschwarz.github.io)

The Modern Web

Peter Gasston’s The Modern Web will guide you through the latest and most important tools of device-agnostic web development, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. (nostarch.com)

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What are Responsive Websites made of?

A few weeks ago Guy Podjarny tested nearly 500 responsive websites in different resolutions. His test was focused on size differences between resolutions, but looked at the overall page size as a single unit. (guypo.com)

UX is not just a fancy word for common sense.

Ximena Vengoechea, who is a product manager at Sonar, shares some very straight down the line thoughts about user experience design. (medium.com )

Automatic Figure Numbering with CSS Counters

Learn about CSS counters, the figure element and how to combine both for automatically numbering figures in a web page. (tympanus.net)

Lessons from the “Seductive Interaction Design” Book

Sara Soueidan shares some of the lessons she learnt from a book about UX design called Seductive Interaction Design: Creating Playful, Fun, and Effective User Experiences by Stephen Anderson. (sarasoueidan.com)

Tools / Resources

BAS – Client side integration testing made less painful

Behaviour Assertion Sheets are a way to describe how a web page fits together, make assertions about its structure and content and be notified when these expectations are not met. (bas.cgiffard.com)


A slower but more powerful alternative to `gzip` that is backwards-compatible with existing deflate decompressors. (plus.google.com)

Intern – JavaScript testing

Combining all the best features from various testing tools (plus a few new ones) into a single, versatile, easy-to-use, standards-based browser testing stack for JavaScript. (sitepen.com)

A Nice Responsive Inspector Tool for Chrome (outof.me)

Sublime Text 3 Compatible Packages (github.com)

Google Test Automation Conference (youtube.com)

Web Colour Data (webcolourdata.com)


Building Hand-Crafted Websites

Typecast shot a video of some of Happy Cog’s designers discussing readability in design and the importance of great type tools in their process. (vimeo.com)

Desktop-first to Mobile-first with Bootstrap (speakerdeck.com)

Here is Today (hereistoday.com)

Take a break (happycog.com)


JavaScript Developer at Cloud Four

We’re searching for an enthusiastic and talented JavaScript and front-end developer to join our team. We’re looking for someone who is crackerjack at JavaScript and the other building blocks of complex HTML5 apps. (blog.cloudfour.com)

Web Developer At Atlassian

We’re looking for web developers who are passionate about creating fast and beautifully functional interfaces, have a love for solving hard problems, and enjoy learning about new technology and contributing to products used by millions of people. (atlassian.com)

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Last But Not Least…

Download Google fonts to your desktop

The Google team have made all of the fonts from the Google Fonts directory available in SkyFonts, a tool from Monotype that allows you to install and sync fonts from the web onto your Windows or Mac OS X devices. (blogspot.com)