Web Design Weekly #82


Trent Walton

The awesome website, The Great Discontent interviews the amazing Texas-based designer, Trent Walton. The interview covers an array of topics and should leave you ready to build amazing things with your friends. (thegreatdiscontent.com)

Checkboxes that kill your product

In the currently shipping version, Firefox ships with many options that will render the browser unusable to most people, right in the main settings UI. (limi.net)

Unsupportable Promises (meyerweb.com)

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Animations with Sass and @while

Initially Michiel de Graaf wrote a bunch of Sass with a few mixins, until he discovered the @while directive which repeatedly outputs a given number nested blocks of styling. (michieldegraaf.com)

HTTP Archive: jQuery

Last week I linked to a discussion on GitHub about the HTML5 Boilerplate CDN topic. Steve Souders decided to dive deeper. A great article involving lots of web gurus discussing each and every angle. Posts/discussions like this is how the web moves forward! (stevesouders.com)

Developing a responsive, Retina-friendly site

In this epic post Paul Stamatiou talks about images in great depth. In particular, he show how to use HiDPI image assets as well as covering responsive images and some history behind them. (paulstamatiou.com)

Tracking down a memory leak in Node.js and Socket.IO (jpallen.net)

A Deep Dive into JavaScript Functions (markdaggett.com)

Specialising yourself into a corner(scottkellum.com)

Tools / Resources

Getting Good with JavaScript

Ever wanted to liven up a web design with Javascript but don’t know where to start? In Getting Good with JavaScript, author Andrew Burgess breaks down programming in JavaScript into easy, straight-forward terms and exercises. (rockablepress.com)

Rock Hammer, a curated, responsive project library

A curated project library for Hammer For Mac. Rock Hammer contains baseline typography, plus styling for common HTML elements including images, forms and tables, as well as navigation, responsive modules and widgets. (github.com)

Perfect workflow in Sublime Text 2

Two hour tour de force to make you a sublime ninja! Too many awesome tips and tricks to list – if you’re a Sublime user, this video is a must. (plus.google.com)

Sublime Web Inspector

Debug Javascript right in the Sublime Text editor. Inspect objects, stack traces, use breakpoints and loads more. (github.com)


Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers. (chartjs.org)


Better introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects. (github.com)

WP Project Manager – Like Basecamp inside WordPress! (wordpress.org)

SVG Optimization – End-All, Be-All Edition(youtu.be)

A beginner’s guide to Grunt (mattbailey.co)


Responsive Day Out – Conference Videos

An affordable, enjoyable gathering of UK designers and developers sharing their workflow strategies, techniques and experiences with responsive web design. (besquare.me)

Branded Interactions

One or two key functions. Well designed apps master their core interactions. The best are unique and become associated with the brand itself. You could even call them branded interactions. (matthewmooredesign.com)

Pure CSS Peeling Sticky (codepen.io)

CSS Jellyfish (codepen.io)

Jobs / Freelancers

Dennis Gaebel : Gray Ghost Visuals

I’m a design technologist that utilizes the power of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress and the Adobe Creative Suite. When not working on client projects you can find my work in Open Source projects like Typeplate, A11Y Project, WP-Flex and FRED. (grayghostvisuals.com)

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Last But Not Least…


A rapid prototyping and static site generation tool for designers and developers. (mixture.io)

Discover Chrome DevTools – Interactive course (codeschool.com)