Web Design Weekly #81


Browser Diet

A definitive front-end performance guide put together by a group of highly talented individuals from companies like Google, Opera and Twitter. This great resource will no doubt become a ‘go-to’ source for getting your site in shape. (browserdiet.com)

Prevue – a free concept sharing app

The app is an easy and elegant way for designers to share concepts with their clients. The whole interface is designed to make your work look amazing – add your own logo, upload your designs and start getting feedback! (prevue.it)

Hot in web standards: January/February 2013 (netmagazine.com)


Improving UX through Front-End Performance

Web performance affects your users and that means it’s everyone’s job to understand it, measure it and improve it. In this article, Lara Swanson covers many techniques that will help improve your site’s user experience. (alistapart.com)

Responsible Considerations For Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design has been evolving rapidly ever since Ethan Marcotte coined the term two years ago. Since then, techniques have emerged, become best practices and formed part of our ever-changing methodology. In this article, Jordan Moore discusses a few of the lesser practised elements that are quietly becoming part of the responsive web design ecosystem under the umbrella of responsible web design. (smashingmagazine.com)

Finer grained control of hyphenation with CSS4 Text

CSS3 Text provides the ability to apply hyphenation to text, via the hyphens property. While this is all well and good, it doesn’t provide the fine grain control you may require to get professional results. For this, David Storey introduces you to CSS4 Text. (generatedcontent.org)

Accelerated Rendering in Chrome

This article explains the basic model that underpins hardware accelerated rendering of web content in Chrome. (html5rocks.com)

Good discussion around the jQuery CDN reference in the HTML5 Boilerplate (github.com)

Solving The Back Button (blog.mengto.com)

The Lengths of CSS (css-tricks.com)

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Tools / Resources

JavaScript unit testing on steroids

Automation and code coverage with grunt, jasmine and istanbul. (sandiegojs.org)

Shadow DOM Visualized

Understand Shadow DOM, insertion points and distributed nodes. (plus.google.com)

Things you need to know about responsive design

Carrie Cousins examines why you should be doing responsive web design and some important tips on how you should be implementing it. (adobe.com)

The best free and paid information about Backbone.js (readlists.com)

Animating Circular Paths Using CSS3 Animations (useragentman.com)

Are you a Flexbox enthusiast? If so, you can help. (github.com)

Don’t guess it, test it! (aerotwist.com)


The Gently Mad

TGM is an interview show about what drives us as creators and connects us as people. Each week, they explore the stories, experiences and insights of awesome people who make awesome things. (thegentlymad.com)

The WebGL Podcast with Mr.doob

Hear about how Mr.doob got into 3D, why he loves helping people and what he feels is needed to take 3D-based apps to the next level. (thewebglpodcast.com)

Eric Bidelman explains why WebComponents are the Future (youtube.com)

Zephyros Anemos shows off his crazy JavaScript skills! (zephyrosanemos.com)

Responding to Voice (jordanm.co.uk)


JavaScript Developer at Shopify

We’re looking to grow the team responsible for building the next generation of Shopify. We’re in search of someone who loves JavaScript, hates the DOM, but knows the difference. We’re implementing some really exciting JavaScript technologies in next gen products, and we want you to be a part of it. (shopify.com)

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Last But Not Least…

WTF Mobile Web (wtfmobileweb.com)