Web Design Weekly #79

March 02, 2013 - Jake Bresnehan


W3Conf Talks

W3Conf is W3C’s an­nual confer­ence for web pro­fes­sion­als was held last week in San Francisco. For those of us who were not fortunate enough to make it can now experience all 15 amazing talks. Inspiring stuff! (youtube.com)

Boxes and grids, oh my (branch.com)

Chrome 26 Beta (blog.chromium.org)

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Prototyping Responsive Typography

A typography prototype is a single web page that consists of the project’s actual content. It’s designed in the browser using real web fonts and tools like Typecast. A typography prototype includes font choices, styles for the basic text content and a typographic scale, but nothing else. (viljamis.com)

Learning Rails made me a better designer

An interface isn’t just a series of static screens pasted together. It’s a flow, with inputs and outputs. You can’t truly evaluate an interface until you can use it and you can’t use it until you build it. Anything less than the real thing is a fuzzy approximation. (37signals.com)

Designing with context

Context is a slippery topic that evades attempts to define it too tightly. Some definitions cover just the immediate surroundings of an interaction. But in the interwoven space-time of the web, context is no longer just about the here and now. Instead, context refers to the physical, digital, and social structures that surround the point of use. (cennydd.co.uk)

Font Hinting and the Future of Responsive Typography

Font hinting has been the source of countless headaches for type designers and users. Meanwhile, some of the most fundamental and important elements of typography still can’t be addressed with the web of today. (alistapart.com)

Using WAI-ARIA Landmarks (paciellogroup.com)

HTML’s new