Web Design Weekly #78


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Profiling Long Paint Times with the Chrome DevTools

Continuous painting mode for paint profiling is now available in Chrome Canary. This article explains how you identify a problem in page painting time and how you can use this new tool to detect bottlenecks in painting performance. (html5rocks.com)

Using Flexbox: Old and New for the Best Browser Support

Flexbox is pretty awesome and is certainly part of the future of layout. The syntax has changed quite a bit over the past few years, hence the “Old” and “New” syntax. But if we weave together the old, new and in-between syntaxes, we can get decent browser support. (css-tricks.com)

Yeoman 1.0 Beta: Faster & More Configurable (plus.google.com)

Tearing Grunt Apart (weblog.bocoup.com)


The Progress Element

When building web sites and web applications, we often need to provide essential feedback to a user informing them of the progress of their request or task, be it uploading a file, playing a video, or importing data. HTML5 makes life easier for us by defining an element whose sole purpose is just that: the <progress> element. (html5doctor.com)

10 Commandments of Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeremy Keith was at An Event Apart in Atlanta and did a lot of live blogging. This was the standout. (adactio.com)

The Design Roulette

There are sites, books, feeds, magazines, and movies about “design.” Thousands of people call themselves “designers.” But have you noticed … “design” never means the same thing? (37signals.com)

The In-Between

Optimisation points are just one way we can start thinking content-out. And thinking content-out is what we need to be doing to create truly native experiences on the web – wherever the web is. (markboulton.co.uk)

Please stop using twitter bootstrap (unwieldy.net)

Tools / Resources

Swatch you doing?

A simple rad way to pick colour swatches in your browser by Devin Huntk. (hailpixel.com)


Twitter open sourced typeahead.js early this week. It’s a fast and fully-featured autocomplete library. (github.com)

Type Up

A nifty Compass extension for quick typesetting without hours of math churning. (github.com)

Notify.js – A handy wrapper for the Web Notifications API (alxgbsn.co.uk)

Adobe releases public preview of Reflow (blogs.adobe.com)

Flexbox syntax for IE 10 (zomigi.com)

Learn Git Branching (github.com)


Step-By-Step Landing Page Copywriting

Nathan Barry takes you through the process of writing and designing the ConvertKit sales page. (nathanbarry.com)

Stop Listening To Everyone

It seems like everyday there is a new article or tweet condemning techniques, services, apps and workflows. “Stop using Photoshop!” they say. “Flat design is a trend!” they say. “You can’t code and design!” they say. Welcome to the internet where you’re doing everything wrong, always. (mikemcalister.com)

How Stripe built one of the best engineering teams (firstround.com)

Food for Thought (simplebits.com)

Outside the Box (alistapart.com)


Senior .NET Developer at Campaign Monitor

You will work with a team of very passionate developers that implement the most modern and progressive web and software development practices. We’re an agile shop that embraces iterative development, test automation and frequent releases, so all team members influence the direction of the product. (campaignmonitor.com)

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Last But Not Least…

CSS Photo Editor

CSS PhotoEditor is a test site for new features that will be installed in iOS6. This is a pretty impressive CSS filters demo. (kudakurage.com)

The Harlem Shake for all websites (hsmaker.com)