Web Design Weekly #76


A Walk with Paul Irish

Have you ever wanted to know what’s inside other web developers’ heads? Have you ever wanted to catch up with someone that is an industry leader and an all-round awesome guy? How about a walk around the back streets of California with Paul Irish? (web-design-weekly.com)

Web Platform Feature Metrics (github.com)

The ‘main’ issue (adactio.com)


Looking Beyond User-Centered Design

User-centered design has served the digital community well. So well, in fact, that Cennydd Bowles worried its dominance may actually be limiting our field. (alistapart.com)

Why you should use WebGL

Florian Boesch is keen to convince you to give WebGL a try and this blog post explains why. It quickly summarises a few things people usually ask about WebGL. (codeflow.org)

Guide to CSS layouts

CSS’s next big challenge is to make flexible, dynamic page layouts that work across our ever-broadening range of devices. With solutions proposed and under discussion, Peter Gasston offers a snapshot of the future. (netmagazine.com)

An Expert Roundtable Discussion on Responsive Grids

The guys at Treehouse talked to three experts about the issues and challenges facing grids for web design. (teamtreehouse.com)

Ditching responsive design

GoCardless just redesigned their home pages, and moved from a responsive design to an unresponsive one. Given the trend towards a responsive web, they thought to share why. (gocardless.com)

Thoughts on mentoring

A few good posts were released this week about mentoring and this one by Andy Clarke was a standout in my eyes. (stuffandnonsense.co.uk)

Test Your App Under Slow Network Speeds (juristr.com)

Balancing Text for Better Readability (blogs.adobe.com)

Speaking Up (sazzy.co.uk)

Tools / Resources

Build podcast #32 – Travis CI

In this episode, Sayanee creates 3 hello world projects on Sinatra (Ruby), Flask (Python) and Node (JavaScript) and explains how to use Github and Travis CI for easy continuous integration. (build-podcast.com)


Flight is a lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework that maps behavior to DOM nodes. Twitter uses it for their web applications. (github.com)


A font for quick mock-ups and wireframing for clients who do not understand latin. (blokkfont.com)

Chrome Dev Tools: JavaScript and Performance (net.tutsplus.com)

Front-End Package Manager Comparison (github.com)

The benefits of require.js. (github.com)

Sassaparilla (fffunction.co)



A curated showcase of shit-hot web design. So many inspiring sites, it’s easy to waste days browsing this bad boy! (httpster.net)

But what about soul? (yaronschoen.com)

Designers will code (medium.com)


Front-End Web Developer at Soap Creative

If you’re on top of your game (or would like to be), care about your work, want to work with like-minded people at the forefront of the industry, let’s talk. (soap.theresumator.com)

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From The Blog

Getting Started with KSS-Node (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Hello Firefox, this is Chrome calling!

For the first time, Chrome and Firefox can “talk” to each other via WebRTC. WebRTC is a new set of technologies that brings clear, crisp voice, sharp high-definition (HD) video and low-delay communication to the web browser. (chromium.org)

Host webpages on Google Drive (googledrive.com)

Master of the :nth-child (nthmaster.com)