Web Design Weekly #75


A List Apart 5.0

A design that departs from the past and a platform on which to build the future. Welcome to the relaunch of A List Apart, for people who make websites. (alistapart.com)

On Layout and Web Performance

Outside of initial page load problems, “layout thrashing” is the most common performance problem in dynamic web applications. This is particularly true for Single Page Applications, which build and destroy views on the fly. In this post, Kelly Norton shares some great advice. (kellegous.com)

Sublime Text 3 Beta (sublimetext.com)

Pixels don’t care (warpspire.com)


I hold my phone with hand X, then tap with hand Y

A rebuttal (of sorts) to Luke W’s post about ‘difficulty of tap’ on a mobile device by Ben Schwarz. (germanforblack.com)

Responsive Design on a Budget

Using the concept of a size budget and making sure that everyone is involved in hitting that budget – right from the start – ensures that performance isn’t just seen as a ‘development problem’. Instead, it is rightfully viewed as something that needs to be considered holistically as a site takes shape. (clearleft.com)

Performance As Design

Brad Frost puts it out there that it’s time for us to treat performance as an essential design feature, not just as a technical best practice. (bradfrostweb.com)

Navigation in Lists: To Be or Not To Be

Chris has opened a can of worms on this topic. Lots of great points in the post and also in the comments. What are your thoughts? (css-tricks.com)

Your logo is still an image… and so is mine! (csswizardry.com)

Devising a Strategy for Responsive Design (uie.com)

Tab Atkins has big plans this year (xanthir.com)

Tools / Resources

Remote Realtime Pair Programming with CodePen PRO

Pasting code back and forth in chat is so 2012. If you need to work out a HTML, CSS or JavaScript problem with a colleague, you should be able to simultaneously code in a REAL code editor with a REAL live preview. That’s just one of ten CodePen PRO features. (codepen.io)

Retina for web workflow

The biggest pain of retina becoming the standard for computer displays is the extra work that’s involved in making it work on the web. But it’s possible to automate your retina (@2x) for web workflow thanks to Slicy, CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less and retina.js. (michieldegraaf.com)

Web Design Terms

A great reference post by Brett Jankord for those who want to catch up on these new terms in the web industry. (brettjankord.com)

Beginner HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, and CSS3 Resources (elijahmanor.com)

Building PhoneGap Apps with AngularJS (briantford.com)


Content & Chrome

Content & Chrome is a collection of the best examples of modern User Interface design. It’s a place to gather UI design that is beautiful, well crafted, thoughtful and pushing new ideas ahead. It’s also a place to collect articles, thoughts, tweets, quotes, podcasts and videos that discuss UI design. (contentandchro.me)

On Empathy

Oli Studholme cranks out an amazing Pastry Box article. Grab your choice of drink, sit in a quite place and enjoy his wise words. (the-pastry-box-project.net)

The Tumblr Dashboard – An upgrade, years in the making… (staff.tumblr.com)

Interesting way to do Responsive Design testing (dannydebelius.com)

Behind the scenes of the new jQuery site (blog.jquery.com)

About App Icons (mantia.me)


Product Designer at Dropbox

Dropbox has a bunch of projects in the pipeline, and we have an ongoing cycle of revamping our entire experience across web, client and mobile. There are countless UX challenges and tons of pixels for you to push. Do you want to help? (dropbox.com)

Post a Job in Web Design Weekly

Last But Not Least…

Canvas Kaleidoscope

Don’t forget to drop an image on it… (codepen.io)

One line browser notepad (coderwall.com)