Web Design Weekly #73


The Accessibility Project

A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier – Spearheaded by the big bad Dave Rupert. (a11yproject.com)

Form Follows Function

A collection of interactive experiences. Each experience has its own unique design and functionality. All the experiences are created in HTML5 and the site works beautifully on both desktop and tablet. (fff.cmiscm.com)

Understand the Favicon in 2013 (jonathantneal.com)


What No One Told You About Z-Index

The problem with z-index is that very few people understand how it really works. It’s not complicated, but it if you’ve never taken the time to read its specification, there are almost certainly crucial aspects that you’re completely unaware of. (philipwalton.com)

Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website

The varying viewports that our websites encounter on a daily basis continue to demand more from responsive design. The super talented David Bushell dives into probably the most challenging part of responsive design with this post, navigation. (smashingmagazine.com)

Testing jQuery Plugins Cross-Version With Grunt

Now that we have v1.9.x and v2.x.x of jQuery being maintained in parallel, it’s important that plugin authors test their code against multiple versions. Learn how to use Grunt, the popular JavaScript build tool, to automate this process. (markdalgleish.com)

What’s your favorite website CMS?

Some really great thoughts by some really smart people. (branch.com)

Zooming Squishes (css-tricks.com)

Source Maps 101 (net.tutsplus.com)

Tools / Resources

Unfinished Business Podcast

A new weekly discussion show about the business end, the sharp end of web design and creative industries. (unfinished.bz)

Basic jQuery Slider

A simple, no-frills, robust jQuery plugin for creating simple, responsive slideshows for your featured content. Simple to use, theme and customise. (basic-slider.com)

Mueller Grid System

Mueller is a modular grid system for responsive/adaptive and non–responsive layouts, based on Compass. You have full control over column width, gutter width, baseline grid and media–queries. (muellergridsystem.com)

WP Butler

WP Butler adds a simple text field to your WordPress Admin, that puts everything at your fingertips. Simply start typing the action you wish to perform, and it will show you all the possible options. (wordpress.org)

Grunt.js tasks for cross-browser & device testing with Browserstack (github.com)

An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS (learn.shayhowe.com)

Crash Course on Web Performance (igvita.com)

Windows Phone 8 Viewport Fix (trentwalton.com)

Web Developer Checklist (webdevchecklist.com)


Typesetting Responsive CSS3 Columns

CSS3 Multi-col­umn lay­outs are awe­some, but there doesn’t seem to be many great im­ple­men­ta­tions. This nice demo was created by Tommi Kaikkonen and it should work on desktop browsers that support CSS3 columns. (kaikkonendesign.fi)

Being right doesn’t matter (nczonline.net)


Lots of Awesome Jobs at Automattic

Want to make the web a better place for more than half a billion people each month? Automattic is hiring. (automattic.com)

From The Blog

The Aim For 2013 (web-design-weekly.com)

Promoted Links (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…


W3Conf is an conference organised by W3C and hosted by Adobe in San Francisco on 21-22 Feb 2013 featuring experts & artists on web standards, security, accessibility & front-end architecture such as Joshua Davis, Eric Meyer, Lea Verou, Nicolas Gallagher, Ariya Hidayat, & others! Use the discount code “webdesignweekly” for an additional $100 off the already discounted rate. (w3c.org)