Web Design Weekly #70


The Importance of Sensibility in Designers and Developers

When we are sensible towards both design and development, we can prioritise features, we have better insight into our process, and we will create a better product with the restraints we have. (miekd.com)

CSS Next

Divya Manian writes about what awesome features are coming in CSS. Exciting times! (nimbupani.com)

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” (wordpress.org)

Mozilla Gameon (gameon.mozilla.org)


Redesigning the Media Query

The media query is the ringmaster of responsive design. It lets us establish the rules of the game and gives us what we need most: control. However, like some kind of evil double agent, the media query is actually working against you. (24ways.org)

Redefining Web Designers, Web Developers, and Web Hybrids

Tristan Denyer asks the question. Is it time we rename the titles in the web industry to better reflect modern duties and responsibilities, and to add value to their roles? (tristandenyer.com)

Responsive Images: What We Thought We Needed

If you were to read a web designer’s Christmas wish list, it would likely include a solution for displaying images responsively. For those concerned about users downloading unnecessary image data, or serving images that look blurry on high resolution displays, finding a solution has become a frustrating quest. (24ways.org)

Highly Available Real Time Push Notifications

One of the goals of the recently launched (and awesome!) new Flickr iPhone app was to further increase user engagement. Push Notifications for the win. Joshua Cohen runs over how this was achived with the 2.0 release. (code.flickr.net)

Continuous Integration for Mobile

A couple of months ago, LinkedIn launched a brand new mobile experience on a wide variety of platforms, including native apps and HTML5 webapps. In this post, Joseph Chow explains how they built continuous integration into their system to be able to develop, test and release rapidly. (engineering.linkedin.com)

The Pursuit of Simplicity

Over on the Adobe Developer Connection blog, Karolina Szczur discusses the ways in which web developers try to find simplicity using tools like frameworks and preprocessors, whilst still addressing the benefits and drawbacks of each. (adobe.com)

Do we need box-shadow or border-radius prefixes anymore? (css-tricks.com)

Web App Performance with the Chrome DevTools (addyosmani.com)

WebRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS (html5rocks.com)

Implementing pushState for Twitter (engineering.twitter.com)

Dive into Flexbox (weblog.bocoup.com)

Tools / Resources


Each week, Sayanee creates a screencast that will take you through step-by-step in using one tool to build a little project, all in the fun spirit of hacking, creating and building stuff! (build-podcast.com)

dataCodeBlock, an automagical code block generator

When documenting style guides, maintaining parity between your “living” demos and code samples can be a hassle. This tiny jQuery plugin by Dave Rupert aims to automate that. (codepen.io)

CSS Animations with only one keyframe

A very quick tip from Lea Verou on reducing the amount of code in CSS animations. (lea.verou.me)

Sauce for Mac

Sauce for Mac lets you launch any of our 90+ browser/OS combos right from your Mac in a matter of seconds. With Sauce for Mac, you can Command-Tab your way to testing bliss as you check how your app looks and behaves on browsers and simulators, all at the same time. (sauceio.com)

Testling-ci – Run your browser test on every push (ci.testling.com)

Host your website with Dropbox (site44.com)

:kids—an nth-child tester (codepen.io)


Ethan Marcotte – ‘Rolling Up Our Responsive Sleeves’

Ethan Marcotte, author of “Responsive Web Design” discusses at length the fundamentals of responsive design, combining fluid grids and media queries to create more flexible, device-agnostic sites. (vimeo.com)

Happy Monday podcast

A new, short-burst, industry podcast available every Monday hosted by Josh Long and Sarah Parmenter. (happymondaypodcast.com)

What I Learnt Building Twitter Bootstrap (medium.com)

LeWeb Paris 2012 Playlist (youtube.com)


Product Designer at SoundCloud

We’re looking for a Product Designer to work on product features for our native and web based mobile applications, in close collaboration with other Designers, Engineers and PMs. (soundcloud.com)

Mobile Web Engineer at Meetup

Meetup is seeking a front-end or full stack engineer with a passion and expertise for mobile web. As part of our team, you will work closely with other software engineers and product managers to build new features for our mobile site. (meetup.com)

Last But Not Least…

Responsive URLs (responsiveurl.co.uk)