Web Design Weekly #69


Being Prepared To Contribute

Trent Walton is a master at the game and passes on some very sound advice to anyone that wants to continue to grow and create a better web. He assures us that there is no need to take shortcuts; just take your time to learn and get your hands dirty: sketch, prototype, question, debate, fork and share. (24ways.org)

Responsive Responsive Design

The web is an incredibly dynamic and interactive medium, and designing for it demands that we consider more than just visual aesthetics. Let’s not forget to give those other qualities the attention they deserve. (24ways.org)

10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 3.5 (technosailor.com)

GitHub’s CSS Performance (speakerdeck.com)


How To Become A Top WordPress Professional

Siobhan McKeown over on Smashing Magazine takes a look at how you can be a top WordPress professional. This advice could apply to developers, but equally to bloggers, support reps, designers and everyone in between. (smashingmagazine.com)

Decouple Your CSS From HTML With Reusable Modules

Hans Christian Reinl, who is part of the HTML5 Boilerplate team, dives into the wonderful method that Sass 3.2 has – placeholders. This method is great for defining reusable modules. (thenittygritty.co)

The Perception of Speed

Steve Souders is the performance guru and in this simple, but to the point, article he has one major takeaway message. There are great techniques for tackling performance head-on (reduce repaints, optimize JavaScript, etc.) but sometimes you can make significant improvements with changes that address the user’s perception of speed, such as spinners and progress bars. (stevesouders.com)

Backbone And Kendo UI: A Beautiful Combination (kendoui.com)

Designing Contracts for the XXI Century (alistapart.com)

Colour blind design tips and testing (24ways.org)

An Event Apart relaunched (aneventapart.com)

Tools / Resources

Responsive Email Templates

The team at Zurb have put together a great set of super awesome email templates so that you can make your email campaigns responsive. (zurb.com)

101 ways to (ab)use a checkbox

Here’s Ryan Seddon’s slides from his In Control conference talk. Towards the end of the slidedeck, Ryan introduces Bootleg.css. Bootleg.css takes 8 of the Bootstrap JavaScript components and rekajiggers them to (ab)use the CSS ‘:checked’ pseudo-class. Some crazy cool stuff! (thecssninja.com)

All of Full Frontal’s videos free (youtube.com)

Grunt.js Workflow (merrickchristensen.com)


Overcome the fear of creative failure

Dave Gamache expresses some wise words about why you shouldn’t dismiss your creative pursuits for the fear of failing at them. Practice is the only way to improve, so if you enjoy a form of expression, do it and do it often! Don’t be limited by a fear of failure. Instead, be motivated by a passion for expression and betterment. (medium.com)

The Spirit of the Web

Jeremy Keith’s talk from the Smashing Conference early this year. Jeremy talks about the explosion of Web-enabled devices of all shapes and sizes, the practice of Web design and how development seems more complex than ever. As always, super inspiring. (vimeo.com)

Your team should work like an open source project (tomayko.com)

Great Design is Jargon-Free (drawar.com)

Rethinking the Lockscreen (theverge.com)


Web Developer, Front-end / JavaScript @ Mozilla

Do you chew up ideas and spit out web applications? Do you firmly believe that anything is possible with software? Do you spend hours creating applications for the betterment of humankind? (careers.mozilla.org)

Last But Not Least…

Amazingly awesome JavaScript chess (codepen.io)