Web Design Weekly #67


In Defense of Descendant Selectors and ID Elements

Big bad Zeldman is back to his best. The argument between IDs and classes is not going to end any time soon, but as always, this piece is worth a read. It’s entertaining with some very thoughtful points. (zeldman.com)

Native CSS feature detection

Chris Mills over on the Opera development blog gives a run down on the very cool CSS3 @supports rule. At the moment this is only in a few browsers, which will no doubt change soon. So in the mean time you can always fall back to the awesome Modernizr. (dev.opera.com)

Why use @supports instead of Modernizr? (my.opera.com)

Instagram Badges (blog.instagram.com)


A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript

Addy Osmani reviews some of the features he is personally looking forward to landing and being used in 2013 and beyond. (addyosmani.com)

Learning principles for improving your CSS

This article by Hugo Giraudel covers some basic principles and tips on how to learn and become better at CSS. (tympanus.net)

Responsive Menu Concepts

When it comes to responsive design we are faced with various techniques on how to best handle altering our navigation menus for small screens. This post dives into four main concepts and discuss the advantages and disadvantages. (css-tricks.com)

Building a Design-Driven Culture

The reality is that many companies hire designers, but still treat that part of their product as a resource instead of a thought-leader. And even if a company starts out as design-driven, it’s all too easy to lose that as the team grows. (blog.capwatkins.com)

Code smells in CSS

Over the years Harry Roberts has worked hard on the maintainability aspect of large websites. In this post he shares some interesting thoughts on how he goes about things on a day to day basis. (csswizardry.com)

Measuring site performance with JavaScript on mobile (trasatti.it)

How to Detect DOM Changes in CSS (blog.streak.com)

Why I switched from LESS to Sass (hugogiraudel.com)

Tools / Resources

Bocoup Screencasts

The awesomely-talented team at Bocoup have decided to share their knowledge via a series of screencasts. The screencasts aim to capture bits of knowledge in a short, digestible format, backed up by code to help you follow along. (bocoup.com)

Component – package manager for building a better web. (github.com)

Awesome Backbone course by Jeffery Way (tutsplus.com)

POP – iPhone prototyping made easy (popapp.in)


Why We Need Side Projects

Life needs side projects, they are the lifeblood of creativity. Without one, you are shutting the blinds on your imagination. (rocketr.com)

Women and Tech

Sharing stories about smart women doing important things. Inspiring stuff! (womenandtech.com)

Brian Hoff Design

Brain has been at the cutting edge of web design for quite some time. Early in the week he released a new site which is ‘HOT’! (brianhoffdesign.com)

The WebGL Podcast – Episode 1 (thewebglpodcast.com)

Lightning demo on CodePen (codepen.io)


Front End Architect @ NeonMob

We’re on the hunt for an experienced front-end developer/architect to join our small team and tag-team with our talented cofounder/lead designer. (neonmob.com)

From The Blog

Keeping up with Chrome Developer Tools

In today’s world, as the web evolves so do the tools. Keeping up with what’s happening is important in our industry. However, keeping up with everyday development tools is as important, if not more so. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

All The HTML5 Developer Conference Videos (youtube.com)