Web Design Weekly #64


Monotype buys Typecast, more webfonts to follow

Typecast allows web designers and developers to combine and compare different webfonts directly from the browser. The acquisition was made to give Monotype a stronger product suite for webfonts and to increase its own talent pool of web-focused creatives. (venturebeat.com)


Completely rebuilt, completely redesigned, fast as hell. Prevue is a concept sharing app built by Buzz Usborne which is a beautiful free way to present your work. Do yourself a favour, signup and experience the awesomeness! (prevue.it)

Support for the resolution media query has landed in WebKit (webkit.org)

Zen Coding has been reborn as Emmet (emmet.io)

Bootstrap 2.2.0 released (blog.getbootstrap.com)


Better Password Masking for Sign-Up Forms

Masking passwords is an old practice that’s commonly implemented in sign-up and log-in forms. While it’s a good security practice, there’s a chance it could be jeopardising the user experience of your sign-up form. (smashingmagazine.com)

Using Bower with Sass and Compass

Client-side package management has been in the spotlight over the past few months with the public release of Twitter’s Bower and Yeoman. Anthony Short who is on the Compass core team wrote this helpful article to hopefully spark some interest in creating small, reusable components for Sass which are distributed via Bower (or any other package manager). (anthonyshort.me)

I cannot design or code a responsive website

There’s this belief of a right way and a wrong way to design and code. If you spend enough time looking for it or reading about it, you’ll end up paralysed. Nick Jones explains how he got stuck creating his personal site and learned to trust his instincts instead. (netmagazine.com)

Dear Business, I’m scared for you

Brian Hoff has some wise words for business owners who are still viewing websites as a feature to their business. (thedesigncubicle.com)

Retina Revolution

An image that looks good on a normal display will appear blurry on a Retina display. The Retina display blows up the image; it doubles the amount of pixels. Daan Jobsis dives deep into the theory side of things and comes up with an interesting method. (netvlies.nl)

Save For Later

A great article by Brian Groudan about rethinking how Firefox can offer “save for later” in the browser. (blog.mozilla.org)

How a simple redesign increased customer feedback by 65% (campaignmonitor.com)

The “thank you” that changed my life (nczonline.net)

The problem with Style Guides (hellogeri.com)

Rebuilding vs. Refactoring (garrettdimon.com)

Tools / Resources

WebZap – Photoshop panel plugin for web developers

A plugin that provides Photoshop with additional tools and functionalities that are designed to assist web developers with their mockup and UI design workflow. (webzap.uiparade.com)

JsRun – Sublime plugin to run selected JavaScript in the browser (github.com)

Embedding Images from Instagram on WordPress blogs (wordpress.com)

Progressive Enhancement for Mobile (slideshare.net)

A collection of handy CSS snippets (tympanus.net)


Sidebar.io – The 5 best design links, every day

Created by Sacha Greif as a small side project, Sidebar is a list of links that are curated by a few hand picked editors. (sidebar.io)

Post-hurricane, New York’s internet industry runs on diesel

Amazing wrap up by The Verge about the lengths Michael Pryor, FogCreek and the Squarespace crew went to stay online during hurricane Sandy. (theverge.com)

Hover States

New and interesting examples of movement in interaction design, curated by Chambers Judd. (hoverstat.es)

Nice parallaxing work by Adidas web team (adidas.com)

Kickstarter’s awesome “About” page (kickstarter.com)


UI Designer at Foursquare

Foursquare is seeking an experienced user interface designer with front-end skills to help bring new features to the surface for our millions of users. (foursquare.com)

Ruby on Rails Developer @ Dribbble

Dribbble is looking for a Senior Software Developer with expertise in Ruby on Rails as well as scaling and operating high-traffic web applications. (dribbble.com)