Web Design Weekly #63


Learnable Programming

An outstanding, well written and very accessible essay on what needs to happen to help people understand programming. (worrydream.com)


This new site run by the Responsive Images Community Group aims to contain all the discussions around this hot topic in one place. (responsiveimages.org)

How Fast Is… Apple.com? (zoompf.com)


Step by step from jQuery to Backbone

In this blog post, Kim Joar Bekkelund gradually refactors a bit of code from how he used to write JavaScript before, into proper Backbone.js code using models, collections, views and events. (github.com)

JavaScript testing with Testem

JavaScript testing can sometimes take a considerable amount of time to get setup and running. That’s why many avoid it. In this video, Jeffery Way explains how to get started with Testem and why it’s a fantastic choice for testing. (net.tutsplus.com)

Introducing CSS FilterLab

Razvan Caliman demonstrates how the new, open-source, web-based CSS FilterLab allows you to try, create and share CSS Filter Effects. (adobe.com)

37Signal’s blog redesign

The typography and layout behind the new 37Signal vs. noise blog. (37signals.com)

iPad Mini Web Design and Development Early Best Practices (mobify.com)

Creating email-friendly retail coupons for Apple Passbook (campaignmonitor.com)

Using the @font-face rule with popular font services (adobe.com)

The Road To Reusable HTML Components (smashingmagazine.com)

The Real Beauty of CSS3 Box Shadows (codetheory.in)

The Setup – Aaron James Draplin (usesthis.com)

Tools / Resources

Device screen resolutions ordered by OS

It’s often a chore to track down what screen resolutions are supported by the various operating systems and devices that are commonly used on the web. David Storey has grouped the data by operating system, version and device type to help us all out. (generatedcontent.org)

WordPress Theme Development Tools

In this post, Ian Stewart runs through the best of the best and builds a cross-platform WordPress Theme test environment that would do a professional theme developer proud. (themeshaper.com)

State of HTML5 Game Development

One of the best slide decks I have ever experienced. No doubt we will be seeing more in the future. Enjoy! (github.com)

An experimental CSS 3D dropdown concept, wrapped up in a jQuery plugin. (github.com)

Frank – an open source WordPress theme designed specifically for speed. (somerandomdude.com)

UX Myths: a blog dedicated to debunk user experience misconceptions (uxmyths.com)

CSS Lint for Sass & Compass (labs.xfinity.com)

Fronteers 2012 on Vimeo (vimeo.com)

Mozilla Style Guide (mozilla.org)


The Big Web Show 75 – Evan Williams

Evan Williams, co-founder of Blogger, Twitter and Medium, discusses what it’s like to be an internet entrepreneur. (5by5.tv)

Digital Bits

An awesome collection of student work based off their assignment task. The task was to draw objects from around their apartment using HTML and CSS. What a rad teacher! (johncaserta.info)

The importance of building a financial buffer (stuffandnonsense.co.uk)

Why prototyping beats wireframing (the-pastry-box-project.net)

Paul Irish chats with Nick Pettit (teamtreehouse.com)


InVision Front-End Developer

InVision is a well-funded venture backed startup working to create the world’s best design communication and collaboration platform. (invisionapp.com)

Web Designer @ Mule Design

Mule Design are looking for a designer who understands the web, loves it, wants to make it better and can convince other people to let them do it. (muledesign.com)

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From The Blog

Web Design Podcasts that have been keeping me occupied of late (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Crowd-sourced JavaScript Rap (etherpad.mozilla.org)