Web Design Weekly #60


Testing Websites in Game Console Browsers

It’s time to care about making our sites accessible to everyone, then we have to start looking beyond desktop and mobile. It’s time we take game console browsers seriously. (alistapart.com)

Yeoman finally released!

Yeoman is a robust and opinionated client-side stack, comprised of tools and frameworks that can help developers quickly build beautiful web applications. Yeoman takes care of providing everything needed to get started without any of the normal headaches associated with a manual setup. (yeoman.com)

This Is Responsive – Tips, Resources and Patterns (bradfrost.github.com)

Web Fonts Performance: Making Pretty, Fast (igvita.com)

Squarespace Developer Platform (squarespace.com)


How I Ended Up Enjoying JavaScript

Eleven months ago Omar Gonzalez would have cringed at the thought of having to build large web applications using JavaScript. Times have changed. He is now a fan and this post covers why he has changed his mind. (omar.gy)

What Skeuomorphism Is

Nice article by Sacha Greif. He argues that there is nothing wrong with skeuomorphism design and we should all stop complaining about Apple’s use of skeuomorphism. (sachagreif.com)

Creative Web Typography Styles

Some interesting and inspiring web typography effects with several CSS techniques and the help of lettering.js. (tympanus.net)

Solid CSS

Miller Medeiros explains why we need to find smarter ways to code CSS to avoid the common issues and re-think the way we do our work. He suggests that we should learn from the experience of other devs working in different domains, and apply into our own domain. (millermedeiros.com)

There is something magical about Firefox OS (rawkes.com)

How to Build Your Own Custom jQuery (net.tutsplus.com)

Preprocess This! (cognition.happycog.com)

Flick Scrolling (simurai.com)

Tools / Resources

.htaccess made easy

A practical guide for admins, designers & developers. Learn how to use Apache’s .htaccess files to improve the usability, security, performance, and SEO of your site. (htaccessbook.com)


Another great tool from the team at Twitter. Bower is a package manager for the web. Bower lets you easily install assets such as images, CSS and JavaScript, and manages dependencies for you. (github.com)

jQuery Fundamentals (jqfundamentals.com)

Preview of the new tool called Mixture (mikekus.com)

Emmet for Sublime Text 2 plugin (github.com)


Jon Contino

A nice short inspiring video about lettering/branding. (vimeo.com)

A collection of UX/UI work on Pinterest (pinterest.com)

The new United Pixelworkers site (unitedpixelworkers.com)

The Engineer Exchange Program (codeascraft.etsy.com)


Junior Web Developer

Monocle is looking for a junior web developer to help design, build and maintain a brand new Monocle website for later this year. (monocle.com)


Newism are on the look-out for full-time front-end designers/developers and PHP coders. (newism.com.au)

Last But Not Least…

One crazy solar system simulation in JS/HTML/CSS (codepen.io)