Web Design Weekly #58


Rebuilding Facebook for iOS

Interesting words from Jonathan Dann about why the Facebook mobile team has decided to add a lot more native IOS code, instead of HTML5. (facebook.com)

HTML5 Boilerplate v4.0.0 and Mobile Boilerplate v4.0.0 released (html5boilerplate.com)

Opera implements nested media-queries! (my.opera.com)

CSS position ‘sticky’ lands-in-WebKit (html5rocks.com)


Sass 3.2 makes authoring CSS3 as easy as it will be

In this article Chris Eppstein explains what’s new in Sass 3.2. He covers the new kind of selector called a placeholder selector. He goes into detail about how mixins and functions can now take any number of arguments and be defined in nested contexts. Super good post if you are a Sass user. (chriseppstein.github.com)

What if we could use CSS to alter HTML attributes?

Javascript might be the right tool for many things, but should we really be embedding attributes that control appearance in our scripts, or might a declarative approach that uses CSS to change HTML attributes be clearer? (andydavies.me)

How do you pick responsive images breakpoints?

Jason Grigsby does his best to answer a very tricky questions, which baffles the best…. (cloudfour.com)

Complex navigation patterns for responsive design

Brad Frost looks at some emerging patterns for dealing with complex, lengthy and/or multi-level navigations. (bradfrostweb.com)

Responsive design case study

This awesome in depth case study by Boon, who is a developer for Mixd, aims to outline their entire project processes of their latest responsive project. Buckle up! (builtbyboon.com)

Apple doesn’t care how much HTML Facebook uses in its app (blog.cloudfour.com)

Branch Thread on HTML5 vs. Native Apps for Mobile (branch.com)

Where print fits in responsive web design (jordanm.co.uk)

Tools / Resources

New Theme: Twenty Twelve

Every year the WordPress team proudly unveils a new default theme. Say hello to the new default WordPress theme for 2012. (blog.wordpress.com)

Designing for Retina

Chris Downer of Realmac wrote down some excellent tips you should keep in mind when designing for Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pro’s (and soon their entire line of laptops and desktop computers). (realmacsoftware.com)

Neat little bookmarklet to test responsive designs (responsive.victorcoulon.fr)

Use your own Weinre server with Adobe Shadow (jbkflex.wordpress.com)

Textpattern CMS 4.5.0 released (textpattern.com)

Grunt task for CSS Lint (github.com)


Great Discontent – Jeffrey Zeldman

In celebration of The Great Discontent turning one, they went back to their roots. Jeffrey Zeldman—the “godfather of web standards” — has already left an indelible mark on the web industry and those of us who work in it, but what of his life before that? (thegreatdiscontent.com)

ShopTalk Show With Matt Mullenweg (shoptalkshow.com)

Trippy CSS3 element manipulation (codepen.io)

The UI for Koken looks awesome (koken.me)


Google is hiring a HTML5/JS Developer

Google is known for its speed and clean design, and our websites must also be fast and clean. As a Webmaster, you collaborate with Marketing and Engineering teams to create compelling, efficient and accessible web pages. You work independently on many projects, but also take directions from team members across the organisation. (google.com)

Junior Designer at Shopify (shopify.com)

From The Blog

Handy Apps for Web Developers (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…

Doodle Jump Game using HTML5 (cssdeck.com)

Happy Birthday, Codrops! (tympanus.net/codrops)