Web Design Weekly #56


Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS

Peter Gasston, over on A List Apart, takes a quick walk through some of the best new boring bits in CSS. The bits are being worked on in half-lit laboratories away from the brilliance of the shiny new things in the shop windows. Some of these boring bits have been around for a while and deserve more recognition, while others are just starting to appear in browsers. (alistapart.com)

Let’s Talk about CSS Variables (xanthir.com)

Sass 3.2.0 is finally released! (sass-lang.com)

Normalize.css v1.0.0 (github.com)


Coding Q&A With Chris Coyier

Another great instalment of questions and answers over on Smashing Magazine by Chris Coyier. This time he covers questions about resolution aware sprites, relative font sizing, media query efficiency and lots more. (smashingmagazine.com)

“Premium Themes” are a lie

If you do almost anything with WordPress, you’ll quickly find your way into discussions about “premium” themes. The name would suggest that these themes are the cream of the crop; vetted and verified as the themes to use to craft your soon-to-be-amazing WordPress site. The name lies. (evansolomon.me)

Stop publishing web pages

Most users on the web spend most of their time in apps. The most popular of those apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Tumblr and others, are primarily focused on a single, simple stream. Most media companies on the web spend all of their effort putting content into content management systems which publish pages. Users have decided they want streams, but most media companies are insisting on publishing more and more pages. (dashes.com)

The cost of a logo

The people behind HUH decided to take a look at some well-known logos and find out exactly how much their respective creative agencies charged for them. (huhmagazine.co.uk)

Responsive line breaks

A nice trick from Dan Mall to help build more beautiful responsive sites. (danielmall.com)

Developer survey results: libraries and cross-browser on mobile? (hacks.mozilla.org)

Your HTML5 Questions (html5doctor.com)

Don’t Overthink It Grids (css-tricks.com)

Communal Device Lab (adactio.com)

Pixel Perfect (daringfireball.net)

Tools / Resources

Redefining the Introduction to Computer Science

John Resig announced this week a new project that he has been leading at Khan Academy. The project is a completely new platform that targets people with no programming knowledge and gives them an engaging and fun environment to learn in. (ejohn.org)

Datalist for range/color inputs

Chrome started to support datalist for input[type=text] in Chrome 20. Datalist helps provide recommended values, while allowing users the liberty to write arbitrary values at the same time. Beginning with Chrome 23, you can use datalist for input[type=range] and input[type=color] as well! (html5rocks.com)

Bi-directional Editing And Saving With The Chrome DevTools (addyosmani.com)

Things I didn’t know about the WebKit inspector (joocode.com)

Optimisation of modern web applications (lazutkin.com)

The official Tumblr Developers Blog (developers.tumblr.com)

Design Tip: Never Use Black (ianstormtaylor.com)


Build It Fast

Nishant Kothary recently worked with the Paravel trio on Microsoft’s Build conference website. In this post, Nishant gives an overview in what went into getting the project out the door in 10 days. (rainypixels.com)

Impressive “single element” MacBook Pro (codepen.io)

Made to Measure (contentsmagazine.com)


UI Designer & Front-End Developer jobs going at Big Cartel (bigcartel.com)

Instagram is Hiring! (instagram.com)

Last But Not Least…

256 Classes Overrides One ID (codepen.io)

CSS Box Model T-Shirts (cssboxmodel.com)