Web Design Weekly #48


Aaron Draplin

This interview with Aaron Draplin on The Great Discontent blog is badass. If you don’t have time to read it now, bookmark it! If you dig the article, be sure to also check out this video which is an all time favourite – CreativeMornings – Aaron James Draplin. (thegreatdiscontent.com)

Southstreet – Progressive Enhancement Workflow

The Filament Group seem to be one of the most active when it comes to responsive web design. This week they uncovered a heap of great tools and workflow advice that they use. Head over to GitHub to check out all the goodies! (github.com)


Early this week, Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat and Chris Coyier released CodePen. CodePen is all about front end code inspiration, education, and sharing. Enter HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the combined result is displayed below. This is extremely useful for showing off demos, troubleshooting, demonstrating bugs, or anything else you can think of. (codepen.io)

Mozilla takes aim at the iPad browser market with its ‘Junior’ prototype (theverge.com)

Screencasting a Complete Redesign (kickstarter.com)

CSS Summit (environmentsforhumans.com)


We Don’t Need Classes?

This article on Smashing Magazine has caused a little bit of a stir. Best you go read it and make up your own mind. Be sure to browse over the 150+ comments… (smashingmagazine.com)

Work, Life And Side Projects

Paul Boag this week has written a nice article over on Smashing Magazine, which I am sure is applicable to many of you. He believes you can have side projects, a life beyond computers and get the day job done. What do you think? I know I struggle… (smashingmagazine.com)

Setting type for fluid-width layouts

Once again, Trent Walton has some wise words about approaching different aspects of responsive web design. This time its about fluid type. He offers some handy tips and advice. (trentwalton.com)

Debunking Responsive CSS Performance Myths (igvita.com)

Principles of User Interface Design (bokardo.com)

A Responsive Design Case Study (dbushell.com)

The amazing powers of CSS (html5rocks.com)

CSS Object Model (nimbupani.com)

The Slow Web (blog.jackcheng.com)

Tools / Resources

Tumblr Kit

Matthew Buchanan put together a little jQuery framework for ajax loading post content via Tumblr’s v2 API and rendering it in your document using customisable JsRender templates. (github.com)

Detector – Combined browser & feature-detection for your app (detector.dmolsen.com)

Tools and techniques for faster development (slideshare.net)

The Designer’s Survival Guide (design-survival.com)

Top 100 Validation Errors (w3clove.com)


Campaign Monitor

Yesterday, they released their new site which is awesome! With some many details on each page, it’s a joy to browse and dig into. (campaignmonitor.com)

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects (tympanus.net)


Designer & UI Designer at Campaign Monitor (campaignmonitor.com)

Last But Not Least…

Twitter rolling out Twitter Cards (dev.twitter.com)