Web Design Weekly #45


Has adaptive design failed?

Of course it bloody hasn’t. Responsive design is absolutely the future. Sadly, for many people, it has yet to become the present. (elliotjaystocks.com)

Responsive Workflow

Viljami Salminen, a UI/Web Designer and Developer from Finland explains his responsive workflow. He offers some great thoughtful descriptions on each individual step. (viljamis.com)

Interesting discussion about the <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width”> (github.com)


API Design

Need to design an API? This is your go-to article. Matt Gemmell’s epic post will no doubt leave you with some great advice. (mattgemmell.com)

Design Process In The Responsive Age

Over at Smashing Magazine Drew Clemens walks through some problems caused by using old processes with responsive design. He makes a good point that we must evolve our design process to account for the evolution of the web and users. I totally agree! (smashingmagazine.com)

How to Make Progress Bars Feel Faster to Users

This post on UX Movement has very good tips if you’ve exhausted all the options for application optimisation. (uxmovement.com)

Behind the scenes of The Smashing Conference

Early this week Smashing Magazine released smashingconf.com. This post is about the details of the building process. The new site is built on the Kirby CMS. (getkirby.com)

Thoughts on interaction models and open source. (iancoyle.com)

Anatomy of a mobile-first responsive web design (bradfrostweb.com)

Repeating Linear Madness (meyerweb.com)

Pairing typefaces (blog.typekit.com)

Tools / Resources


Quickly and effortlessly generate your own responsive grid template. (responsify.it)

Easily manage or delete all the items in Chrome’s localStorage (plus.google.com)

Compile your Compass code (SCSS only) to CSS (briangonzalez.org)

Creating Simple Icons with Adobe Illustrator (vector.tutsplus.com)

Installing Weinre on Mac OS X (blog.joelambert.co.uk)

RequireJS 2.0 released (tagneto.blogspot.com.au)


simurai on Tumblr

In this third episode of the series on awesome Dutch Tumblr users, dutchlaunch visit UIX designer and tech blogger simurai, who talks about his way to make technical subjects accessible to a broader audience and how Tumblr helps him accomplish just that. (dutchlaunch.tumblr.com)

Ghost Horses – web design agency based in Manchester (ghosthorses.co.uk)

Meer.li -A nice collection of mobile designs (meer.li)

From The Blog

CSS Selectors That Rock (web-design-weekly.com)

Last But Not Least…


Oh yeah! Clippy.js allows you to add Microsoft’s good old Office Assistant to your websites (smore.com)