Web Design Weekly #44



WorkFu has now launched. It’s goal is to create a beautiful, super simple, free web platform that recommends opportunities and talent to you based upon the networks you use everyday. Whether you’re looking for a freelance opportunity, a new career or in fact any type of work opportunity, WorkFu will present all available opportunities ordered according to their relevance to you. They rate an opportunity’s relevance by FuScore (%). (workfu.com)

Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer

Google Chrome has been long expected to leapfrog Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to take its position as the Web’s most used browser and, according to data from Statcounter, the momentous change of leadership happened last week. (thenextweb.com)

Web Design Manifesto 2012

A great piece from Mr Zeldman – A personal site is where you don’t have to compromise. Even if you lose some readers. Even if some people hate what you’ve done. (zeldman.com)

CSS Variables land in Webkit (webkit.org)

New CSS 4 Media Queries (dev.w3.org)

Coda 2 & Diet Coda (panic.com)


Creating the Windows 8 User Experience

A fascinating insight into Microsoft’s design thinking. Written by their lead UI designer, Jensen Harris. (blogs.msdn.com)

The Making Of Octicons

The crew at GitHub have decided to share what they learnt when making Octicons (their new icon font). For anyone that wants to go down the icon font road, this post has some very handy tips and tricks! (github.com)

The real conflict behind and @srcset (blog.cloudfour.com)

The Pinterest Architecture (highscalability.com)

Keep your CSS selectors short (csswizardry.com)

More responsiveness coming in WP 3.4 (wpdevel.wordpress.com)

Data Binding Using data-* Attributes (ericbidelman.tumblr.com)

Tools / Resources

Do you suck at Git/GitHub?

Brad Frost asked a few people on Twitter what are the best resources for learning Git/GitHub. He got bombarded with responses and has bundled them up in a nice post on Google+. (plus.google.com)

How To Customise The WordPress Admin Easily

This Smashing Magazine article covers some super easy customisation techniques for the WordPress Admin area. (smashingmagazine.com)

Diving Into CSS Regions

This Net-Tuts tutorial covers the basics of CSS regions. CSS regions allow you to flow content within various sections of the page. Very Cool! Note: The CSS Regions specification is a working draft. (net.tutsplus.com)

User First, Mobile First, Content First. //Reading List (readlists.com)

What are the most influential design blogs? (quora.com)

Building a Faster Web
tools, tips, and lessons (igvita.com)

Best Of – WordPress Newspaper Themes (smashingmagazine.com)


Dan Cederholm

This is an epic interview about an inspiring person. Dan Cederholm is a designer, author, speaker and the co-founder of Dribbble. Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy. (thegreatdiscontent.com)

The Eephus League Magazine is online! (eephusleague.com)

Nice new Ember JS site by Heroixle (emberjs.com)

MIDI visualizer in WebGL (qiao.github.com)

A CSS3 stopwatch. (thecodeplayer.com)


Front-End Engineer at Path (authenticjobs.com)