Web Design Weekly #382

March 24, 2020 - Jake Bresnehan


Finding confidence in design decisions

While we can’t control everything about the design process, we can control the narrative in our own heads. Linda Eliasen shares some activities that can help you build more confidence and show up with the “I got this” attitude. (figma.com)

Introducing: A brand new Dribbble (dribbble.com)

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Marketing Team with Rollout

An Enterprise Feature Flag Management Solution that separates releases from deployments, resulting in faster, safer, and smarter features added continuously through progressive delivery. Free 14 Day Trial. (rollout.io)


Setting Height And Width On Images Is Important Again

Thanks to some recent changes in browsers, it’s now well worth setting width and height attributes on images to prevent layout shifts and improve the experience of your site visitors. (smashingmagazine.com)

React Production Performance Monitoring

Kent Dodds goes into some finer details on how to set up performance monitoring for production React applications. (kentcdodds.com)

New media queries you need to know

This article guides us through some of the most interesting new media queries in this new specification, and shows us how to use them. (blog.logrocket.com)

Flexbox and absolute positioning

What happens when you position: absolute a flex item? Chen Hui Jing explains. (chenhuijing.com)

Advice for leading a remote design team (markboulton.co.uk)

Tools / Resources

Automating the Boring Parts of Product Design

Brian Lovin shares how he speed up his design process, simplified tedious workflows and automated the boring parts of designing screens with Figma plugins. (brianlovin.com)

Intrinsic Sizing In CSS

Ahmad Shadeed explores each of the intrinsic values and dives into how we can get the benefit of them. (ishadeed.com)


Add any URL to MarkUp to enable real-time commenting directly on a website. Invite your project stakeholders and manage all of your feedback in one place. (markup.io)

16 Things to Improve Your Website Accessibility (websitesetup.org)

GitHub for mobile is now available (github.blog)

Making sense out of Node (hugogiraudel.com)

What PWA Can Do Today (whatpwacando.today)


JavaScript: The First 20 Years (wirfs-brock.com)

The CSS Podcast (pod.link)


Product Designer at MetaLab

Looking for a new home? Our design team is growing. To thrive in this role, you’ll have 5+ years of design experience under your belt, as well as a demonstrated understanding of the pace and variety of agency work. (metalab.co)

Experience Designer at Rocketmiles

We believe great design starts by putting the customer first. Rocketmiles is looking for a customer-obsessed Experience Designer to join our Design team in Chicago. (rocketmiles.com)

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Last but not least…

npm is joining GitHub (github.blog)

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