Web Design Weekly #381

March 17, 2020 - Jake Bresnehan


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

If you're building a web application in 2020, don't settle for CSS methodologies from 2013. Demand more for your team, and help build the future of styling for the web. (jxnblk.com)

Announcing mobile first indexing for the whole web (googleblog.com)

Have happier, more productive video meetings

Team.video makes it easier and faster for remote teams to work together by offering user-friendly video meetings with agendas, collaborative notes, and emoji responses. (team.video)


The performance benefits of Variable Fonts

Mandy Michael explains how and why variable fonts reduce the overall combined file size and automatically reduce the number of network requests by simply being a variable font. (uxdesign.cc)

A creative person’s guide to negotiating

Ashley Hefnawy has put together a selection of tools and knowledge to help you ask for what you need and deserve. (thecreativeindependent.com)

Best Practices to Write Quality JavaScript Modules

This post presents 4 best practices on how to organize your JavaScript modules. (dmitripavlutin.com)

The History of the URL (cloudflare.com)

Tools / Resources

Extend what’s possible with plugins for you and your team

A great post that digs into the power of plugins within Figma and shares some insights into how some top companies use them. (figma.com)


Built on React, GraphQL, and Prisma, Redwood works with the components and development workflow you love, but with simple conventions and helpers to make your experience even better. (redwoodjs.com)

A Guide to Handling Browser Events (sarahchima.com)

Browser-Based SVG Editors (css-tricks.com)

Learn Box Alignment (ishadeed.com)

Currying in CSS? (trysmudford.com)


Product Design Portfolios (brianlovin.com)

ShopTalk Redesign (shoptalkshow.com)


Senior Product Designer at TaxJar

TaxJar’s remote-only team of 150+ people is growing quickly. We have an immediate opening for a Senior Product Designer who wants to make e-commerce easier for small and medium businesses. (taxjar.com)

Website Designer at Hubstaff

We are looking for a talented, strategic web designer to join our marketing team full time to help conceptualize Hubstaff’s products and voice in an engaging, visual way (hubstaff.com)

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Last but not least…

OMG I’m working remotely, now what?! <span(github.io)

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