Web Design Weekly #379

February 07, 2020 - Jake Bresnehan


The Design Systems We Swim In

Ethan Marcotte proposes an interesting question with this post. When was the last time a design system empowered you to make a decision about the best way to proceed? (ethanmarcotte.com)

CO2 emissions on the web (dannyvankooten.com)

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Innovation Can’t Keep the Web Fast

Jeremy Wagner reminds us as technological innovations such as HTTP/3 and 5G emerge, we must take care not to rest on our laurels and simply assume they will heal all of our performance issues. (css-tricks.com)

Shopping for speed on eBay

Addy Osmani looks into the finer details of how the eBay team optimised the performance of their sites and apps for a faster user experience. (web.dev)

Does your web app need a front-end framework?

As your front-end grows, Max Pekarsky looks at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a framework. (stackoverflow.blog)

Do JavaScript libraries ever get updated once installed?

Zack Bloom explore the data from CDNJS to see if developers make the time to update libraries once installed on their site. (blog.cloudflare.com)

The Burnout List (frankchimero.com)

Tools / Resources

Welcome UI

Customisable design system with react, styled-components, styled-system and reakit. (welcome-ui.com)

Best Practices to Write Quality Arrow Functions

In this post, you’ll read 5 best practices to get even more benefits from the arrow functions. (dmitripavlutin.com)

Introducing Yarn 2

An in-depth look into the new features and all the work that went into this massive release. (dev.to)

Array Methods You Should Know (dev.to)

Standards for Writing Accessibly (alistapart.com)

React Libraries in 2020 (robinwieruch.de)

Milanote 2.0 (producthunt.com)


Lessons from building “N26 for Web” (hugogiraudel.com)

Refreshing Chrome (design.google)


Senior Visual Designer at ThoughtLab

As a Digital Designer at ThoughtLab, you will both independent and collaborative in to create fiercely unique interactive experiences, web designs, mobile app designs, brand identity and more. (thoughtlab.com)

Front End Developer at Goose

An ideal candidate is a person who is happy to get into the weeds of a project, likes to fine-tune their work and gets satisfaction from delivering work they are proud of. (wearegoose.co.nz)

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Last but not least…

Old CSS, new CSS (eev.ee)

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