Web Design Weekly #377

January 28, 2020 - Jake Bresnehan


My Secret Weapon for Design Inspiration

Inspiration is a key component of visual design. It’s a reference point that kick-starts the creative process and a starting point for producing beautiful, visually pleasing solutions in response to a well-defined problem. In this article, Buzz Usborne shares his tips for finding inspiration. (medium.com)

Babel 7.8.0 Released (babeljs.io)

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An Introduction To React’s Context API

In this article, you will learn how to use React’s Context API which allows you to manage global application states in your React apps without resorting to props drilling. (smashingmagazine.com)

Fun with CSS Motion Path

Animating an element along a path is something we as developers would normally reach for a big old JS library (like GSAP) for. But with the new CSS Motion Path module, we can create fancy path animations using only CSS. (css-irl.info)

Understanding the “Initial”, “Inherit” and “Unset” CSS Keywords

CSS has default keywords for various values. In this article, Elad Shechter talks about three of them: “initial”, “inherit” and the relatively new one, “unset”. (medium.com)

Progressive Web Apps in 2020

How do Progressive Web Apps look like now that 2020 is starting? What has been added in 2019 to the ecosystem that you might not be aware of? Maximiliano Firtman explains. (medium.com)

Why design systems fail (uxdesign.cc)

Tools / Resources

How To Self-Host Your Web Fonts

This post will show you how to self-host web fonts so you don't always have to use Google fonts. (kevq.uk)

Browser Default Styles

A handy site which enables you to search against any element for standardised and default styles from all major rendering engines (WebKit, Blink, Gecko, Trident). (browserdefaultstyles.com)

A collection of over 795 RSS feeds for web developers (github.com)

JetBrains Mono. A typeface for developers (jetbrains.com)

6 Useful Angular Decorators (bitsrc.io)

Fixed Table Headers (adrianroselli.com)

WP GraphQL v6 (github.com)


Keep your code as simple as possible (basecamp.com)

Amazing Code Reviews (youtube.com)


Senior UX/UI Designer

We are a team of passionate software engineers, product managers and designers that enjoy building outstanding web and mobile applications. If you want to work on challenging products and enjoy using the best tools and practices, Nimble is the right place for you. (nimblehq.co)

Senior Product Designer at Justworks

Justworks is seeking a Senior Product Designer to help expand our platform into mobile to better meet our customer's needs however they work. In this role, you will partner with product management, engineers, and other designers to build the foundations for mobile. (justworks.com)

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Last but not least…

React Retro Hit Counter (joshwcomeau.github.io)

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