Web Design Weekly #372

November 25, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


Don’t Serve Burnt Pizza When you ship a minimum viable product you risk not actually testing your product, but rather a poor or flawed version of it. A bit of a topical point but I feel Jiaona Zhang nails it. (firstround.com)

Opening up the data behind your design systems (figma.com)

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No, Absolutely Not Robin Rendle has some wise words around the difference between a junior and senior front-end developer. Worth a read as he has some pretty solid points. (css-tricks.com)

Design APIs: The Evolution of Design Systems As the needs of software-driven businesses grow even larger, design systems are evolving — they are beginning to look and work like APIs. Matthew Strom explains. (matthewstrom.com)

Thinking about color A deep dive into how the talented Cloudflare team went about reworking the use of colour within their products. (cloudflare.design)

Build your own React Incase you have lots of free time you might want to rewrite React from scratch. Rodrigo Pombo gives a step by step guide. It follows the architecture from the real React code. In all seriousness, some great insights in this. (pomb.us)

How Discord achieves native iOS performance with React Native (discordapp.com)

Tools / Resources

FAB – Frontend Application Bundles FABs are a compile target for frontend applications. They unify static sites, single page applications as well as server-rendered JavaScript UIs in one bundle format, allowing instant deployment to a wide range of hosting platforms. (fab.dev)

Facebook and Microsoft Partnering on Remote Development In teaming with Microsoft, Facebook are aiming to further improve remote development extensions, with a focus on enabling engineers to do remote development at scale with Visual Studio Code. (developers.facebook.com)

How Do You Remove Unused CSS From a Site? So you have a CSS bloat issue and you are thinking of removing unused code. How do you go about it? Well Chris Coyier puts some ideas on the table to help you make that decision. (css-tricks.com)

Miro Where distributed teams work together via an online whiteboard and collaboration platform. (miro.com)

Step by step guide to becoming a modern Frontend developer 🤯 (roadmap.sh)

Console cheat sheet for JavaScript developers (gitconnected.com)

The state of web fonts in 2019 (httparchive.org)

What Are Design Tokens? (smashingmagazine.com)


Scott Bolinger on WordPress and the future of the independent developer (poststatus.com)

Inspirational Websites (tympanus.net)


Frontend Software Engineer at Canva Our culture is unlike anywhere else and our offices are designed and constantly improved to let you do your best work. At Canva you can be part of a company that is growing rapidly, building a product that users really love. Just check out our Twitter stream. (canva.com)

Senior UI/UX Designer at Hello Design Hello Design is looking for an experienced Senior UI/UX Designer to make the future with us. You will define user experiences and design cutting-edge interfaces for web and other interactive mediums from concept through creation. (hellodesign.com)

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Last but not least…

Global Design Survey (dribbble.com)