Web Design Weekly #37


Using Modernizr to detect HTML5 features

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects which HTML5 and CSS3 features your visitor’s browser supports. In detecting feature support, it allows developers to test for some of the new technologies and then provide fallbacks for browsers that do not support them. Modernizr is very useful for detecting CSS3 support, but this article focuses on HTML5. (html5doctor.com)

Content Folding

I really dig Chris Coyier’s proof-of-concept. This is a big issue we all face when developing responsive sites that need to accommodate advertisements. I am sure in the not to distant future, we will see a lot of advancements in this area. (css-tricks.com)

The EMs have it: Proportional Media Queries FTW! (blog.cloudfour.com)

The Industry Podcast #5 – In The Cloud Picking Colors (theindustry.cc)

Responsive questions


An Ajax-Include Pattern for Modular Content

Another great post by Scott Jehl from the Filament Group about some of the challenges faced while working on the Boston Globe redesign. One of the toughest challenges they faced was delivering roughly the same content to all devices (and connection speeds) while ensuring the most important content on a page was usable as soon as possible. (filamentgroup.com)

Understanding design patterns

The concept of design ”patterns” is widely misunderstood. Ryan Singer gives you a solid understanding of what patterns really are and how they reflect what designers already do every day. (feltpresence.com)

The UX of Language

As we turn to the next chapter of the web and start building more web applications, rather than just web documents, we begin to need to mix language with data. This presents an extremely difficult challenge if you only have to consider a single language. (alexsexton.com)

Snapshot-based standards (like @w3c) vs living standards (like @whatwg) (plus.google.com)

The Firefox roadmap, the past three months and the next three months. (weblogs.mozillazine.org)

A New Make Mantra: A Statement of Design Intent

JSON-P: what it is, what it’s not and how it works (mitya.co.uk)

We’re in an icon-sharpness limbo(simurai.com)

Testing for Dummies (mobiletestingfordummies.tumblr.co)

Tools / Resources

Useful WordPress Tools, Themes And Plugins

If you’re looking for some great ways to improve your WordPress workflow, this post by Smashing Magazine has a massive collection of free themes, plugins, tools and tutorials. (smashingmagazine.com)

Process & Tools with Paul Irish

Front-end developer extraordinaire Paul Irish joins Jen Simmons to discuss work process, tools and best-practices. (5by5.tv)

Off Canvas

Inspired by the observations of Luke Wroblewski, this Off Canvas layout demo has 3 panels that display differently depending on the viewport width. (jasonweaver.name)

Indexed screencast on everything you need to know about handling images in RWD (vimeo.com)

Building Backbone.js Apps With Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB and Haml (addyosmani.com)

Google+ Hangouts API is out of preview. Go build great stuff! (googledevelopers.blogspot.com)

jQuery Scroll Path – looks pretty awesome (joelb.me)


Paper – Super awesome new iPad app (fiftythree.com)

105 Remarkable Retro Logos (designshack.net)

Get your scroll on!! (soleilnoir.net)

CSS3D Clouds (clicktorelease.com)

Last But Not Least…

Type Connection – A Typographic Dating Game (typeconnection.com)