Web Design Weekly #367

September 02, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


Where did the web’s personality go? Is the internet boring now? Jake Underwood reflects on the years gone by and asks the questions, where did the web’s old personality go? Why did it leave? And how do we get it back? (invisionapp.com)

What happens when you open a new install of a browser (twitter.com)

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Faster Image Loading With Embedded Image Previews The Embedded Image Preview technique introduced in this article allows us to load preview images during lazy loading using progressive JPEGs, Ajax and HTTP range requests without having to transfer additional data. (smashingmagazine.com)

Designing address forms for everyone, everywhere Virginia Start shares a 5-step guide for designing global addresses that she devised during her research for Shopify’s International team. (shopify.com)

Logic-less JSX This article presents approaches that we can use to keep the mess out of our JSX, and make our code more readable and maintainable. (verekia.com)

CSS Can Do This… And It’s Terrifying (aaron-powell.com)

Tools / Resources

Find Your Minute of Mindfulness If you want the benefits of meditation–reduced anxiety, relaxed calm, improved focus–but don’t enjoy the practice of meditation, you should try this. Cactus is designed to help you find a minute of mindfulness and provides a private place for your thoughts. And it’s free. (cactus.app)

PWA Asset Generator A handy tool that automatically generates splash screen and image assets for your Progressive Web App in order to provide native-like user experiences on multiple platforms. (github.com)

Grab-and-go layouts for React Includes code examples for Rebass, Theme UI, and Emotion. (react-layouts.com)

Craft 3.3 Released with GraphQL and Headless Mode (craftcms.com)

Reactime: A Time Travel Debugger for React (github.com)

Color Tools For Designers (medium.muz.li)


Jeremy Keith – Building The Web (youtube.com)

Intercom’s New Design Site (intercom.design)


Designer at Mailchimp We’re looking for a Designer to join our Brand Design team. This role will collaborate with other designers to execute a variety of creative projects that make working at Mailchimp a wonderful experience and elevates our brand to our customers and the communities we serve. (mailchimp.com)

UX/UI Designer at Homebot Homebot is looking for a highly collaborative UX/UI Designer that has a passion for taking complex problems and distilling them down into a beautiful, simple experience for the user. (homebot.ai)

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Last but not least…

Why I have a problem with React (sonniesedge.net)

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