Web Design Weekly #364

August 13, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people Marianne Bellotti passes on some great advice that has stuck with her during the process of becoming a better manager. (medium.com)

Domino’s is locked in a legal battle over the future of web design. (fastcompany.com)

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Native lazy-loading for the web Starting with Chrome 76, you’ll be able to use the new “loading” attribute to lazy-load resources without the need to write custom lazy-loading code or use a separate JavaScript library. This article dives into the details. (web.dev)

Tips to Help You Avoid React Hooks Pitfalls React Hooks require a bit of a change in the way you think about React Component Lifecycles, State, and Side Effects. If you’re not thinking about React Hooks properly it can be easy to fall into problematic scenarios. (kentcdodds.com)

Is UX writing boring? Having troubles standing out? Lack motivation when it comes to UX writing? Hopefully this post by Steve Howe re-sparks that passion to go above and beyond. (medium.com)

Multi-column manipulation Heydon Pickering shares some of his recent tinkering with multi-column layout. (every-layout.dev)

Tools / Resources

How to fetch data with React Hooks? In this tutorial, Robin Weruch explains how to fetch data in React with Hooks by using the state and effect hooks. He also dives into implementing custom hooks. (robinwieruch.de)

Paaatterns A collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats. (lstore.graphics)

Rebass – React primitive UI components (rebassjs.org)

Duotone – Font Awesome Icons (fontawesome.com)

Electron version 6 (electronjs.org)


Making a Realistic Glass Effect with SVG (css-tricks.com)

Gatsby Theme Jam (gatsbyjs.org)


Senior Front-end Engineer at WeTransfer We are looking for someone to join the Paste team with all things technical. You’ll be responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of key features of Paste. Together with the team you will take your ideas from implementation to production. (wetransfer.com)

Front-end Developer at Clock This is a fantastic opportunity for a Front-end Developer to further their career and really make their mark in an established and growing agency that provides genuine opportunities to develop your skill set. (clock.co.uk)

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