Web Design Weekly #361

July 15, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


The Future of Websites: Headless CMSs In order to really grasp the elegance of headless CMS – and its possibilities – you have to cut through the clutter and understand how they work fundamentally. Dan Fries explains. (scotch.io)

Get Your Free .design Domain Name Thinking of building your portfolio? .design is like .com & .net, but it’s more relevant to what you do as a designer. Claim yours today. (porkbun.com)


Building a design system — where to start? In this post, Shane Williams gives some great advice on how and where to start if you are lost. Even if you have a design system in place he drops some solid knowledge. (uxdesign.cc)

CSS Lists, Markers, And Counters In this article Rachel Andrew starts by looking at lists in CSS, and moving onto some interesting features defined in the CSS Lists specification — markers and counters. (smashingmagazine.com)

Why is my webpack build slow? Sam Saccone has some hot tips to help you understand and put in place some system to address this issue. Great article. (samsaccone.com)

Tools / Resources

Popups – Problematic Trends and Alternatives In this article, Anna Kaley discusses key factors to consider, along with realistic alternatives to popups that preserve the sites intent and the users’ experience. (nngroup.com)

React Fundamentals: Props vs State A simple and informative post that dives into the difference between props and state in React. (kentcdodds.com)

Eva Design System Customisable Design System easily adaptable to your brand. (colors.eva.design)

The Many Ways to Include CSS in JavaScript Applications (css-tricks.com)

Typography exercises to improve your skills (dribbble.com)

GraphQL and WordPress (syntax.fm)

Next.js 9 (nextjs.org)


Shape Up – Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters (basecamp.com)

Why I Stopped Using Multiple Monitors (hackernoon.com)


UI/UX Designer at Campspot Campspot is looking for a talented UI/UX Designer to join our team in either our Denver or Chicago office. Our ideal candidate is someone who has a wide variety of skills and is able to contribute across the many steps of the design process. (campspot.com)

Product Designer at Braze Are you a critical thinker? Are you willing to challenge ideas and receive feedback? Are you comfortable with ambiguity? We are seeking a fearless and passionate Product Designer to join our growing Product Design team. (braze.com)

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Last but not least…

Popup Trombone (matthewrayfield.com)