Web Design Weekly #357

June 17, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


Micro Frontends In this article Cam Jackson describes a recent trend of breaking up frontend monoliths into many smaller, more manageable pieces, and how this architecture can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams working on frontend code.


The State of CSS 2019 (freecodecamp.org)

Be: Find the perfect pre-built website for any design project (450+ examples) Browse through 450+ pre-built websites that cover 40+ industries and businesses. From corporate websites to blogs and portfolios, you’ll find exactly what you need to the tiniest detail.



The CSS Mindset A great article by Max Böck that helps shine some light on getting into the CSS mindset to produce better CSS and enjoy it.


The Problem With Web Components Web components are becoming increasingly popular within the web community. They offer a way to standardise and encapsulate JavaScript-enhanced components without a framework. However, web components have a number of drawbacks which this post dives into.


Styling In Modern Web Apps A detailed dive into the different ways of organising styling in modern applications which often have complex interfaces and design patterns.


Your first performance budget with Lighthouse A look into how you can set up a performance budget and enforced it to help you develop faster sites.


Keep it simple One thing that is often forgotten about accessibility is that keeping things simple and utilising semantic HTML gets you most of the way towards providing a fully accessible experience for everyone.


Truths I unlearned as junior developer (monicalent.com)

Tools / Resources

Theme UI Build consistent, themeable React UIs based on design system constraints and design tokens.


Is Your Design System Stable? The value of a design system is being able to build better products faster by making design reusable. This post digs into 4 ways to streamline the testing process to make them stable.


Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator (responsivebreakpoints.com)

8 Useful JavaScript Tricks (devinduct.com)

Medium to own blog (github.com)

ReactEurope 2019 (youtube.com)


What does React Beautiful DND cost to maintain? (dev.to)

Does the perfect portfolio exist? (itsnicethat.com)


Marketing Designer at Everplans Everplans is distributed direct-to-consumer, as well as through financial professionals, insurance companies, and employers. We are looking for an ambitious designer to join our growing team and help take our brand to another level creatively.


Product Designer at Passport Are you passionate about communicating ideas and products to users in creative, usable and visually compelling ways? As a Digital Product Designer, you’ll work with our product, development and marketing teams to design the future of our web and mobile applications leveraged by millions of users.


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Last but not least…

Periodic Table of Amazon Web Services (awsgeek.com)

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