Web Design Weekly #354

May 13, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


What is design? Berlin based designer, Koos Looijesteijn does a pretty great job at looking at the different angles and coming up with a concise answer in this post. (kooslooijesteijn.net)

Inside Microsoft’s surprise decision to work with Google (theverge.com)


Implementing a Mockup: CSS Layout Step by Step In this post, Dave Ceddia shows us a way to approach layouts wholistically, as a cohesive problem to be solved. Top notch post. (daveceddia.com)

Technical debt — leverage or liquidate? It’s not always a case of debt = bad. Used intelligently, technical debt provides quick fixes to problems and boosts innovation. However, you’ll soon know when your tech debt’s not serving you well. (blog.ably.io)

Dear Client, Here’s Why That Change Took So Long Al Tenhundfeld shares a letter that he has written variations of numerous times over the years. The letter has some great takeaways to help communicate with stakeholders the next time we receive a similar question. (simplethread.com)

Making the Move from jQuery to Vue This guide is more for people who may be coming from years of jQuery experience and want to see how things can be done with Vue. (css-tricks.com)

Tools / Resources

The Web Project Guide Each month, two chapters are posted about some aspect of the web project process – from understanding your site’s users to understanding the ins and outs of server maintenance. It’s sure to be a great resource. (webprojectbook.com)

Understanding Shadow DOM A super informative post by Faraz Kelhini that explores various aspects of the Shadow DOM. If it’s a new concept to you, this is a great read. (blog.logrocket.com

Using GitHub Issues for Blog Comments (danyow.net)

Remote Development with VS Code (visualstudio.com)

The Basics around React and ES6 (paper.dropbox.com)

React Patterns and Templates (codepen.io)


Selling UI Tools – Here is what we learned (freecodecamp.org)

Building a JavaScript guitar pedalboard (trysmudford.com)


Creative Director at Plato As Creative Director you will be responsible for managing Plato’s day-to-day creative work, working with our distributed network of designers to create and maintain an exceptional quality bar of work. (useplato.com)

Senior Brand Designer at Mode As a Brand Designer on Mode’s Design team, you’ll help refine and up-level our brand as we bring Mode to organizations everywhere. You’ll bring to life engaging, cohesive experiences for analysts, data scientists, and other data pros across our marketing and content sites, decks, print materials, cultural artifacts, and more. (mode.com)

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Last but not least…

What does Unsplash cost in 2019 (medium.com)

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