Web Design Weekly #353

April 29, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


A Website is a Car and Not a Book Do you feel your craft is undervalued? Are you losing the passion? This little article by Robin Rendle might be exactly what you need to read before getting into the day. Maybe you can even pass it around your workplace so others understand what you do. (css-tricks.com)

Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 (frontendmasters.com)

Get a Free .design Domain Name For Your Website Thinking of building your portfolio? Brand your website with a .design domain name. Your .design name includes free email & Site Builder. (porkbun.com)


Measuring Animation Performance with Dev Tools In this post, Chloe Hwang takes a look at the most important part of performance: how to measure and diagnose bottlenecks. (viget.com)

Art Direction For The Web Using CSS Shapes Andy Clarke goes beyond basic of CSS Shapes and shows us how we can use them to create five types of distinctive and engaging layouts for art-directed designs. (smashingmagazine.com)

Lessons Learned Building Our Website With Craft CMS Lee Munroe shares some things this team love about Craft and what they learned along the way during a recent rebuild. (onesignal.com)

You Are Not Google Next time you need to decide on some technology it might be a good idea to follow a decision process like UNPHAT which this post explains. (bradfieldcs.com)

Long-form websites and typography (lawler.io)

Tools / Resources

Design Systems A Figma publication for design systems creators, designers, developers and managers. (designsystems.com)

Testing for Visual Regressions with Percy Paul Ryan explains how to setup Percy within our projects along with integrating CircleCI into the workflow. (css-tricks.com)

The Web Developer’s Guide to DNS (rjzaworski.com)

Form Validation with Vuelidate (css-tricks.com)

jQuery 3.4.0 Released (jquery.com)

MDX v1 (mdxjs.com)


How I Aligned My Side Project with a Full-Time Career (indiehackers.com)

9 Ways to Stay Sane While Working Remotely (syntax.fm)


Senior UX Designer at Ubuntu Designers We are looking for an expert in current design thinking with an appetite for technology and innovation: you will be working on desktop applications as well as web applications for enterprise cloud services and an operating system for IoT and embedded devices, bringing exciting new projects to life and improving existing ones. (canonical.com)

Product Designer at Mixpanel We are a small, collaborative team of multidisciplinary designers, and are looking for experienced product designers to help us dive deeper into our product vision. Our process always begins with product vision and is a highly collaborative between the product and design teams. (mixpanel.com)

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