Web Design Weekly #351

April 01, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


Simple & Boring Chris Coyier has put together a meandering waltz through what other people have to say about simplicity. Entertaining and enlightening. (css-tricks.com)

What’s new on iOS 12.2 for Progressive Web Apps (medium.com)

Bildr Studio: Build The Real App As You Design It. Bildr Studio is a new web-based tool for production teams to design, test and launch full-stack web applications to production. It allows designers and developers to collaborate together in real-time to bring their visions to life in a single environment. (bildr.com)


John Maeda: “In reality, design is not that important” The head of inclusion and computational design at WordPress parent company Automattic thinks that designers should be more like supporting actors to the leading characters at tech companies – the developers and product managers. (fastcompany.com)

An Illustrated Guide to Map, Reduce, and Filter Array Methods Map, reduce, and filter are three very useful array methods in JavaScript that give developers a ton of power. This post by Una Kravets is a great read if you are new to these concepts. (css-tricks.com)

Avoiding the “Boolean Trap” When Designing React Components I’m a bit of fan of using booleans within simple React components but after reading this post by Filip Danić I’ll be reevaluating my process. (spicefactory.co)

Scope in CSS Peter-Paul Koch explains CSS scope for JavaScript developers. (quirksmode.org)

Name It, and They Will Come (overreacted.io)

Tools / Resources

DropCSS is an unused CSS cleaner It takes your HTML and CSS as input and returns only the used CSS as output. (github.com)

Blurred Borders in CSS Ana Tudor shares some awesome CSS trickery on how to visually blur the border of an element. (css-tricks.com)

Email Me Offer an interactive experience whenever a visitor clicks on an email link on your site. (emailme.chat)

Remove Image Background (remove.bg)

Deploy CodeSandbox to Netlify (netlify.com)


Lessons learned building a design system at scale (booking.design)

Untrusted – A JavaScript adventure game (alexnisnevich.github.io)


Remote Visual Designer at School of Motion We’re looking for a Visual Designer who can do a little UI, some graphic design, and bonus points if you understand the world of motion. (schoolofmotion.com)

Sr. Product Designer at HelloSign If you’re passionate about designing intuitive interfaces that make the most daunting of tasks delightful, we want to hear from you. HelloSign is looking for an experienced UX designer to join our Product team. (hellosign.com)

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Last but not least…

10 Lessons Learned Conducting Code Reviews (dev.to)

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