Web Design Weekly #349

March 18, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


Learning to Learn

Building for the Web is an overwhelming place. With so much information where does one start? Hopefully this article by Sarah Drasner can help guide you in the right direction. (css-tricks.com)

Developers revive first Web browser (home.cern)

Visual Composer’s new name and the confusing story behind it

The Visual Composer users have found themselves confused lately. You have probably seen the two, WPBakery and Visual Composer Website Builder. So the big question is: Which is the original one? (visualcomposer.com)


A framework to give better design feedback

Feedback has a vital role in product development. Not only can it nurture the product, but it also can nurture the people who build the product. (yellowstroke.com)

7 Reasons to Host WordPress Yourself

Although hosting WordPress yourself can seem scary to those who haven’t done it, it’s really just fear of the unknown. By taking an educational approach and starting with low-risk sites, you can ease into it with little-to-nothing to lose and plenty to gain. (deliciousbrains.com)

Server Rendering with React and React Router

In this post, Tyler McGinnis starts from scratch and slowly builds a server side React app while breaking down some of the complexity as he goes. (tylermcginnis.com)

Cache-Control for Civilians

This article will give you a solid caching strategy to help make all the difference for your visitors. (csswizardry.com)


KV Storage: the Web’s First Built-in Module (developers.google.com)]8

Tools / Resources

Progressive Web Apps Training

This course shows you how to convert web pages to PWAs. It looks into using service workers, APIs, and an application shell architecture for meaningful offline experiences, fast first load, and easy user reengagement upon repeat visits. (developers.google.com)

Form Validation Using Custom React Hooks

Build a form validation engine using custom React Hooks, from scratch, without having to learn a single form library. (upmostly.com)

Hooks, State, Closures, and useReducer

If you’ve ever tripped while converting or implementing class component patterns to hooks, you might want to dig into this post. (adamrackis.dev)

A Complete Guide to useEffect (overreacted.io)

Understanding == vs === (felix-kling.de)

UX Timeline (uxtimeline.com)


‘Move fast and break things’ isn’t a worthy slogan (seths.blog)

Remote Working (integralist.co.uk)


Product Designer at Affinity

Design is a driving force at Affinity. You’ll be tasked with distilling the immense complexity of our users’ workflows and data streams into beautiful, intuitive experiences. You’ll collaborate with cross-functional teams on every aspect of product development, from whiteboarding Affinity’s next great idea to fine-tuning pixels right before launch. (affinity.co)

UX Designer at Spur

We are currently hiring a UX Designer who wants to create beautifully designed deliverables in a fast-paced, user-centric environment. As part of our design team, you will have a fantastic opportunity to join a company in hyper-growth mode. (spurjobs.com)

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Last but not least…

Bringing Sketch to the Browser – Starting Late 2019 (blog.sketchapp.com)

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