Web Design Weekly #347

February 25, 2019 - Jake Bresnehan


The Future of WordPress

Now that some time passed since the global rollout of the new Gutenberg block editor, which was met with some controversy, Alex Panagis thinks it’s a great time to reflect on 2018 and see what’s in store for the future of WordPress in 2019. (wp-modula.com)

Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories (medium.com)

Get ready for your next interview – Practice for free

Practice your coding skills on Pramp, a peer-2-peer mock interviews platform. We’ll match you with other awesome engineers. (pramp.com)


Why I Write CSS in JavaScript

For three years, Max Stoiber has styled his web apps without any .css files. Instead, has written all the CSS in JavaScript. Max explains. (mxstbr.com)

React lifecycle methods in plain, approachable language

What are lifecycle methods? How do the new React16+ lifecycle methods fit in? How can you intuitively understand what they are and why they are useful? (blog.logrocket.com)

Web security at N26

A beginner-friendly in-depth look at the measures in place making the N26 web platform secure and available. (medium.com)

Designer & Developer Collaboration survey (2018)

A survey conducted in late 2018 on collaboration between designers and developers; and also what each discipline should know about the other. (weblog.200ok.com.au)

How to use Firebase Realtime Database in React

Part 8 of the 8 part series showcasing the power of Firebase. (robinwieruch.de)

We migrated to Next.js to serve our home page 7.5× faster (manifold.co)

Tools / Resources

The Magic of React-Based Multi-Step Forms

While reducing perceived complexity on the front end building a multi-step form can feel complex and overwhelming. Thankfully, Nathan Sebhastian helps us break things down in a relatively straightforward manner using React as the base. (css-tricks.com)

How @supports Works

Chris Coyier explains how the @supports query works and provides a large selection of use cases so you can understand it with ease. (css-tricks.com)

Design Story

An app that delivers a transparent design process for designers, developers, project managers and stakeholders. (designstory.io)

Progressive React

A small checklist to help make your React site more performant. (houssein.me)

My Twitch Live Coding Setup (medium.com)

Gatsby vs Next (syntax.fm)


Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company (medium.com)

Behind the Scenes: The Design of Beacon (helpscout.com)


Front-end developer at Qonto

As part of the tech team, you join a crew of experienced people working on making the best possible user experience and on building the most scalable code base we could think of. Our stacks are Ruby and Go for the backend and EmberJS for the frontend. (qonto.eu)

Full-Stack Engineer at Plato Design

We are looking for engineers who can take ownership of large parts of our architecture. This requires thoughtful tradeoffs such as when to incur technical debt vs when to engineer something more robustly. If you are up for the challenge get in touch. (useplato.com)

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Last but not least…

GitHub’s menus & dialogs without JavaScript (twitter.com)

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