Web Design Weekly #34


Adobe Shadow

WOWZA! Adobe’s new mobile web workflow tool. These days when Adobe releases something it usually gets slammed within minutes. Not this one! I have only played with Adobe Shadow for about 20 minutes and it is very impressive. Super easy to set up and will no doubt become a key part of my mobile development workflow in the future. (blogs.adobe.com)


If you like websites, then the nclud agency just released a humdinger for you. With so many tools and articles being released lately this provides a bit of inspiration to take your next project to the next level. Awesomely executed! (nclud.com)

IE9 leaks memory when using the geolocation API (github.com)

Web Dir­ec­tions Code – Melbourne, Australia (webdirections.org)

Another CSS image replacement technique (nicolasgallagher.com)


How I’m Implementing Responsive Design

Jeff Croft recently has been exploring ways to make it fit more neatly into his development workflow, and he thought it’d be worth sharing what he has learned. He doesn’t have all the answers, but he is finally at a point where responsive feels worth the extra effort. (jeffcroft.com)

Progressive Enhancement for the Win

Jim Newbery argues that much has changed since Steven Champeon and Nick Finck first proposed progressive enhancement in 2003. Where we once had a handful of desktop browsers to worry about, we now have an explosion of web-enabled devices and browser variations on our hands. (netmagazine.com)

Mr Irish & Vendor prefixes!

Paul Irish give his take on the vendor prefixes. He goes into detail how prefixes are not developer-friendly and how recent features would have been in a much better state without prefixes. (paulirish.com)

Scaling With EM Units

Viljami Salminen from Finland recently started testing how proportional scaling of bigger layouts would work in reality and if it makes any sense. In the article he explains his findings and points out some nice tips for your next build and what the future holds. (viljamis.com)

Thinking Async by Mr CSS-Tricks (css-tricks.com)

Using Backbone.js with jQuery Mobile (coenraets.org)

There is no simple solution for local storage (hacks.mozilla.org)

In defense of localStorage (nczonline.net)

display:inline-block is massively underused (designshack.net)

Sexy Code Snippet Management with Gists (net.tutsplus.com)

What does scale really mean to a mobile browser? (johnkpaul.tumblr.com)

Tools / Resources

Sublime Text Workflow

In this #WorkflowThu episode, Andrey Tarantsov talks about jumping into Sublime Text 2 and setting up a workflow that beats traditional tools like Coda and Espresso. Watch the video or read the article. (tarantsov.com)

RSS to the next level

If you have a chance you should check out some of the work Campaign Monitor are doing with RSS and the new tweaks to the Template Editor. Amazing. (campaignmonitor.com)


Chris Armstrong released a simple
but elegant little tool for testing and previewing responsive designs. (responsive.is)


Least helps you move from your old-fashioned CSS files to something shiny: CSS pre-processors! (toki-woki.net)

Inside The WordPress Toolbar (smashingmagazine.com)

How to survive a web conference (netmagazine.com)

Design for Speed (somerandomdude.com)


MetaLab – Javascript and Ruby on Rails developers (metalabdesign.com)


The value in persistence in the creative process

It would be great if we could think of ourselves as a well-oiled design machine, able to “turn on” at the kick-off meeting, run through the brief and deliver a perfect, shiny solution every time. But that’s not the case. (nelsoncash.com)

Issue #1 — the making of Offscreen (blog.offscreenmag.com)

Give it five minutes (37signals.com)

New, but not (Yet) Improved (icelab.com.au)

Last But Not Least…

Jeremy Keith documents five things he learned from the internet (adactio.com)