Web Design Weekly #337

October 29, 2018 - Jake Bresnehan


Design in China

Design in China is still relatively new and with that comes unique challenges and opportunities. In this great post, Tobias van Schneider interviews Guang Yu and Nod Young to enlighten us. (vanschneider.com)

React Conf (youtube.com)

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How Facebook 3D Photos Work

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature, 3D Photos, or, as they call it in their JavaScript: 2.5D Photos. In this post Yuri Artiukh dives under the hood to see how it is implemented. (medium.com)

React Higher-Order Components

In this post Tyler McGinnis takes a look at the most popular pattern for accomplishing code reuse amongst components in a React app, Higher-Order Components. (tylermcginnis.com)

How to Run Design Exercises on a Remote Team

More and more companies offer remote work, especially for engineering teams. But very few organizations foster a remote-first environment for their designers. (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

GraphQL Designer

A prototyping tool to develop full-stack GraphQL applications. With a few simple inputs, GraphQL Designer auto generates code for download, to start and implement your new application including GraphQL root queries, schemas, mutations, and client queries. (github.com)

Just the Docs

A nice looking, high customizable, responsive Jekyll theme for documentation with built-in search. Easily hosted on GitHub pages. (github.com)

Testing JavaScript

Learn the smart, efficient way to test any JavaScript application. (testingjavascript.com)

Incomplete List of Mistakes in the Design of CSS (csswg.org)

A handy collection of cheatsheets (devhints.io)

Frontend tests – What nobody said to you (slides.com)

React v16.6.0 (reactjs.org)

Angular v7 (blog.angular.io)


How do you keep your motivation high? (indiehackers.com)

How I Do Web Development from my iPad Pro Full Time (curtismchale.ca)


Brand Designer at Algolia

Algolia is seeking a creative, pragmatic and multi-disciplinary Brand Designer for a full-time position in Paris. You’ll be joining our small, but talented international design team (algolia.com)

Front-end Engineer at Jilt

We’re looking for a smart, detail-oriented person to join our team as our first front-end engineer and help build fast, intuitive interfaces in React. (skyverge.com)

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Last but not least…

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work (blog.doist.com)

Farewell, Glenn Rander-Pehrson – Mr PNG (sourceforge.net)

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