Web Design Weekly #336

October 22, 2018 - Jake Bresnehan


Start Performance Budgeting

If you’re building a web experience and want to stay fast, a performance budget can be critical. For success, embrace performance budgets and learn to live within them. (addyosmani.com)

Hard Costs of Third-Party Scripts

Dave Rupert shares some thoughts around the User Experience costs of third-party scripts. (daverupert.com)

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How do you organize your design files?

If you happen to be lacking a little structure with your files, or are keen to improve on how you work this is a good read. (loremipsum.ueno.co)

Our tried and tested way to scale design with systems

Canva product designer Iain Dowling shares how they use a systems-first approach to tackle design challenges in product delivery. (product.canva.com)

Rhythm in Web Typography

Rhythm in typography is just like rhythm in music. A text can either flow like a masterpiece symphony performed by an in-tune orchestra, or it can be a disjointed flimsy song by a one-man band wannabe. (betterwebtype.com)

Dealing with Dependencies Inside Design Systems (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Git Catastrophes and Tips to Avoid Them

In this post, János Kubisch highlights some git features that might be less used/known, but can end up saving you when things go south in your codebase. (blog.risingstack.com)

Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

A repository created with the intention of helping developers master concepts in JavaScript. (github.com)

Unit testing ReactJS Redux Actions and Reducers with Jest

Arron Harden explains why having unit tests for Redux classes not only helps with testing code before it gets delivered, but it also acts as a permanent regression suite. (itnext.io)

Favicon Checker

Compare your favicons on all major web browsers, including native dark and light modes. (colinkeany.com)

Introducing ACF Blocks for Gutenberg (advancedcustomfields.com)

Styled Components v4 (medium.com)

Ember 3.4 Released (emberjs.com)

GitHub Actions (github.com)


13 Games in ≤ 13kB of JavaScript (blog.github.com)

Pure CSS Toggle Buttons (codepen.io)


Front End Developer at Envy Labs

We’re on the lookout for a new Front End Developer. Members of the front end team work directly with our developers, designers, and clients to realize a collective product vision. (envylabs.com)

Jr full-stack engineer at Sticker Mule

Some of our current projects include migrating to a service architecture, inter-service communication with GCloud PubSub and GRPC, API Gateway based GraphQL, event sourcing persistence and CQRS, and manufacturing and artwork processing automation. (stickermule.com)

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Last but not least…

Working as a Designer on the Google Plus Team (daringfireball.net)

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